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Do I Need to Register My Pet’s Microchip: The Importance of Pet Microchip Registration

How important is registering my dog or cat’s microchip? A study from the American Veterinary Medical Association looked at more than 7,700 microchipped animals that entered animal shelters. The study found that microchipped dogs and cats that end up at a shelter, are far more likely to be reunited with their owners if they become lost. But the main reasons why lost microchipped pets couldn’t be reunited was because the microchip is not registered or the owner information was not current.

After you have microchipped your animal, it is crucial that you register the microchip. If your pet becomes lost and his microchip is scanned, the scanner will display only the unique microchip number. The microchip number is then entered into AAHA website’s Lookup Tool to determine which company to call for owner information, if it is registered with a participating microchip company.

What if a Microchip is Not Registered

Once a pet is in the new owner’s hands, the owner often forgets or doesn’t know to register the microchip. When a lost pet is found, the microchip registration is the only link back to the pet owner. If a pet is not registered, the facility that scanned the chip may or may not call the microchip company for backtracking information. This presents a huge risk to the pet of being adopted out or euthanized.

Prepaid Microchip Registration

A Pre-Paid microchip registration will include a card with registration instructions and will have a Pre-Paid Code to be used at checkout to cover the cost of a lifetime registration. A Pre-Paid Registration can be used for any brand of microchip. The cost of this can be factored in when pricing the pet. The pet owner will appreciate that the cost of registration is included in the cost of the pet. Owners will not incur any annual or additional fees.

How Do Pet Microchip Registries Work

There are several options of pet microchip registration sites. It’s important to note that not all microchip registries are the same. Some sites require annual renewal fees and others aren’t recognized by shelters, animal control or vets. Some are not participating members in the AAHA Lookup Tool. Revival recommends registering your pet’s microchip with the BuddyID® Microchip Registry. The BuddyID® Microchip Registry does not have an annual subscription or renewal fee. With a one-time fee, your pet will be added to the BuddyID® Microchip Registry and will be listed on the AAHA Lookup Tool for life.

With microchipping, the critical step is the microchip registration. For the lost animal waiting in a shelter, accurate registration ensures timely return of the pet to their owner. Consider pre-paid microchip registrations as a cost-saving way to encourage the pet owner to register.

With a QR Code Collar Tag Do I Still Need a Microchip and Registration

With the development of QR code pet tags, pairing up a QR dog collar tag with your pet’s registered microchip gives the next level of protection. The BuddyBadge® QR pet links to your pet’s microchip registration. If someone finds a lost dog or cat wearing the BuddyBadge®, they can use their smartphone to scan the QR code on the dog tag and easily get in touch with the pet’s owner. This helps pet’s be reunited with their owners even faster.  But it’s important to remember that having a registered microchip is still just as important. Dogs and cats are sneaky and can sometimes slip out of their collars. A microchip ensures that identification won’t get lost under a tree or buried with your dog’s bone. A cat or dog QR code tag linked with your pet’s microchip registration is the best level of protection. The BuddyID® Complete Protection System includes the QR code badge, the microchip and the lifetime registration. If the pet does lose the tag, you still have the permanent ID – the registered microchip!

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BuddyBadge® Collar Tag from BuddyID®
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