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Give your puppies what they need to thrive! Revival Animal Health offers extensive supplies for puppies to help support their health and well-being from newborn to adulthood.

Revival Animal Health Puppy Supplies

Revival Animal Health has been providing quality supplies since 1989. We have proudly helped support breeders, shelters, veterinarians and pet owners with supplements and equipment to give pups a chance to succeed. 

With decades of experience and deep knowledge of canine needs, we offer the best solutions and brands, like Breeder's Edge. Breeder’s Edge by Revival Animal Health is the leading brand dedicated to breeding dogs, cats and horses. Breeder's Edge focuses on the products you need for successful breeding and prioritizes newborn, female and male health and well-being. 

Some Necessary Puppy Supplies

Revival Animal Health provides various necessary puppy supplies from industry-leading brands. Recommended products include:

  • Breeder's Edge Nurture Mate: This colostrum applicator offers newborns a healthy start, supporting them with protein, nutrients and minerals that support healthy nursing. 
  • Breeder's Edge Nurture Flora: This puppy probiotic formula supports newborn immune systems and assists with minimizing occasional loose stool due to environmental stress or changes in diet. 
  • Breeder's Edge Puppy Lyte: This health support product helps replenish your puppies' electrolytes and supports healthy energy.
  • Breeder's Edge Foster Care Canine Milk Replacer: This milk replacement formula helps support a healthy GI tract and immune system.
  • Breeder's Edge Repeat Pad: This machine-washable crate pad is ideal for lining your puppies' beds. The sheet is washable, reusable, leak-proof and keeps your pups dry and clean. 

Puppy Bundles and Kits

Our pet bundles offer a convenient way to take care of new puppies:

  • Puppy health bundle: This bundle helps give a new puppy a solid start. The pack includes Breeder's Edge Puppy Lyte for hydration, The Missing Link® Original Health Supplement supporting normal growth and development, and puppy chew dental bone to soothe teething. The bundle also includes Doc Roy's GI Synbiotics to help maintain a healthy microbial balance.
  • Puppy basic bundle: The essential bundle offers a dental chew for teething, The Missing Link® Original Health Supplement, Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats and Vet Basics Oatmeal Protein Shampoo to soothe and moisturize skin.
  • Puppy comfort bundle: Give your puppy a secure start with this kit. The Snuggle Puppy simulates a real puppy heartbeat, helping reduce separation anxiety. The chew toy and Kong Classic help prevent boredom and unauthorized chewing. The soothing Vet Basics oatmeal shampoo completes the pack.

Shop Your Newborn Puppy Care Online

We are passionate about helping you support your puppies. Revival Animal Health has decades of experience, and our Pet Care Pros are available if you have any questions.

Shop our extensive stock of puppy supplies today or contact us online to learn more.