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BuddyID™ BuddyBadge™ Collar Tag with Pre-Paid Registration



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Each, Pre-paid Registration & BuddyBadge
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Product Details
  • BuddyBadge™ QR code dog tag can easily list any medical, vet and behavioral pet information you choose to share
  • Easily links to your pet’s existing BuddyID™ microchip registration
  • If your pet is found, the finder can scan the QR code pet tag and send you their exact location
  • Take pet protection to the next level and reunite with your lost dog or cat faster with The Buddy System™.

    The state of the art BuddyBadge™ is a QR code dog collar tag that provides peace of mind. If your dog or cat is lost, the person who finds your pet can easily scan the QR pet tag with their phone. If the finder chooses to allow their location services to be visible, they can immediately contact you with their location. Since there is no need for a microchip scanner, you will save time and be reunited with your pet faster. This means no shelter fees for you, and less stress for your pet.

    In addition to providing your pet’s contact information, the BuddyBadge™ features an About This Pet section, where you can list medical, behavioral or veterinarian information. When the QR code is scanned the finder of the pet can then see the information listed. In the About This Pet Section you can also list information about any upcoming vet appointments, vaccinations, and any other information you choose, including when it’s time for your pet’s heartworm or flea and tick preventative. Easily update your pet’s information anytime by simply scanning the QR pet tag and then logging into your account.

    For pets already microchipped with a BuddyID™ microchip or with another microchip brand, you can link your BuddyBadge™ to your pet’s current microchip number. No need to insert another microchip in your pet. Easily link the BuddyBadge™ QR collar tag to a lifetime BuddyID™ registration using your pet’s current microchip number. The BuddyBadge™ can be purchased individually, but to be activated, it must be linked with a new or existing BuddyID™ microchip registration.
    Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

    BuddyBadge™ Color:Orange and white
    BuddyBadge™ Size: Approximately 1 inch diameter. Thickness 2.83 mm.
    BuddyBadge™ Material: Hard aluminum
    To use the BuddyBadge™, use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code. Link the BuddyBadge™ with a new or existing BuddyID™ microchip registration. Then simply attach the tag to your microchipped pet’s collar.
    For dogs and cats.
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