Spend less time asking what do I need.

Unsure what dog vaccinations are recommended for your outdoor dog? Expecting a litter of puppies and need to put together your whelping kit? Need help choosing the best flea medicine for your cat? Our free helpful tools below will help you find the best pet health supplies for your dog or cat.
Vaccine Finder

What vaccines does my dog need?
What vaccinations do you give cats?

Knowing which pet vaccines to use can be overwhelming! Does your cat live indoors, outdoors or spend time around other animals? Is your dog used for breeding? These are all factors to consider when asking yourself “What is the best vaccination for my dog or cat?” As the Pet Vaccine Experts, we’ll help you sort through the most common combination vaccine options and help you decide which additional vaccines your pet might need.

Whelping Kit

What do I need to whelp a litter of puppies?
Do I need to do anything when my dog gives birth?
Whether your dog is having her first litter of puppies or you’ve both been through this process before, you want to be prepared with the right whelping supplies. With our Pro Tips and a list of recommended whelping tools, when whelping day arrives you won’t be left wondering “how do I help my dog have her puppies?

Flea & Tick Finder

What flea treatment is best for my dog?
How do I keep ticks off my cat?

Deciding which treatment to use for fleas and ticks on your dog or cat can be daunting. Tick and flea treatments aren’t a one size fits all. Do you want a topical, collar or oral medication? What about a prescription verses an over the counter? Age, size and if the animal is used for breeding are also factors to consider when choosing a flea and tick treatment or preventative. Before you panic, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!