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How to Order Prescriptions

Pharmacy FAQs

There are three easy options to get your prescription to us.

  1. We would be happy to contact your vet for you.
  2. Have your vet contact us.
  3. Mail the Revival pharmacy the original written prescription.

Our Pet Care Pros would be happy to determine where your order is in the process. If a prescription is needed, sometimes it takes a few days for a veterinarian to get back to us. It may help to contact your veterinarian as well to check on when the prescription will be sent to the Revival pharmacy. Feel free to call our PCPs to check on your order status at 1-800-786-4751.

The rate schedules are negotiated contracts with our carriers. Our Package Care Pros work to keep the costs down.

The Poison Prevention Act requires safety lids on all prescription bottles to help prevent poisoning in children. If we receive a stock package without a safety lid, we then repackage it in prescriptions bottles with safety packaging. The lot number and expiration dates are recorded on the repackaged bottle and a package insert is kept with the safety bottle. These prescriptions are then all checked by our pharmacists.

It’s best to contact your veterinarian for clarification on the correct directions. The pharmacy places directions on the prescription label based on what the prescription reads. Sometimes the veterinarian changes directions during the course of the prescription; however, refills still reflect what the original prescription said. To remedy the situation, have the veterinarian give us a new prescription or let the Revival pharmacy know and we can request corrected information.