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When a mom can't keep up with her litter or you have an orphan puppy or kitten, bottle feeding is crucial. Under normal circumstances, the mom would feed her kittens or puppies multiple times daily — or every few hours. Little ones need proper nutrition to survive and thrive, regardless of the source. 

When mom's milk isn't an option, a milk replacer helps newborns thrive. A balanced milk replacer manages digestion issues and diarrhea and supports growth, which is essential for orphaned or smaller kittens and pups.

Revival Animal Health offers a wide selection of pet formulas, nipples, feeding tubes, and other tools to ensure your kitten or puppy gets the nutrition they need. Questions about feeding your newborn animal? Reach out to our Pet Care Pros at 800-786-4751 to learn more.

Pet Formulas to Help Your Newborn Animal Grow Strong and Healthy

Sometimes pet mothers cannot provide sufficient milk supply for their newborns. When this happens, having the right pet formula and milk replacer at hand is essential for the health of your puppies or kittens. At Revival Animal Health, we offer high-quality pet formulas and feeding accessories to help your newborn animals grow strong, even without mom's milk.

Our milk replacers for puppies and kittens are dense in nutrition and easy to digest. Our pet formulas closely match the caloric pattern of mom's milk. In addition to crude protein, fat, and fiber, our pet formulas contain essential vitamin and mineral concentrate to give your newborn animals a nutritious and balanced diet. To make feeding easy for you, we have made sure that our pet formulas are palatable to puppies or kittens, and our experts are always happy to provide you with additional feeding tips.

Newborn animals tend to have sensitive digestive systems. In order to help them develop a strong immune system, it is important to monitor their dietary patterns in the early stages of life. Have additional questions about pet formulas or the feeding process? Reach out to our Pet Care Pros at 800-786-4751 or read more about newborn puppy and kitten care in our Learning Center.

Breeder's Edge® Foster Care Milk Replacer

For a complete, balanced, nutritional meal for your struggling newborn kittens, puppies or goats, turn to Breeder's Edge® Foster Care Milk Replacers. All Breeder's Edge formulas feature three powerful ingredients — IgY for a boosted, healthy immune system, Bio-Mos® for easier, smoother digestion and Psyllium Seed Husk to minimize the potential for loose stools that leads to sore bottoms. 

Browse our selection of Breeder's Edge Foster Care Milk Replacers, including:

Use Breeder's Edge Foster Care Milk Replacers as formula, flavor enhancers or milk treats to help your animals grow strong and healthy. Breeder's Edge Foster Care Milk Replacers are also excellent for feeding pregnant and lactating mothers. 

Tips for Bottle Feeding Newborn Kittens and Puppies

When you need to bottle-feed your kittens or puppies, follow these tips to avoid some common bottle-feeding issues.

First, select the right formula and gather your supplies beforehand. You'll need an animal-friendly heating pad, bottle or small syringe and a suitable milk replacer for kittens or puppies. 

Once the formula is at the correct temperature — approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit — hold the kitten or pup belly down to keep them from aspirating while feeding. Ensure your kitten or puppy is warm before feeding.

Kittens need one milliliter (mL) of formula per body weight ounce. You'll know a kitten is full when its belly gently rounds and resembles a football. Puppies must consume approximately 3.5-3.75 calories per body weight ounce every 24 hours. Many milk substitute formulas have one calorie per milliliter (mL), so a five-ounce puppy must consume approximately 17.5 ounces of formula daily. A well-fed puppy looks plump or releases its latch on the bottle or syringe.

Remember to stimulate the kitten or pup's rectal opening after it finishes feeding to help with bowel movements. Be sure to weigh the kitten or puppy before and after each feeding.

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Foster your puppies and kittens into healthy, happy and thriving dogs and cats with quality milk substitutes. For a complete, balanced meal for your kittens and puppies, browse our selection of Breeder's Edge® Milk Replacers and order yours today.

Need help finding the right formula for your animal? Contact our Pet Care Pros at 800-786-4751 for expert advice and bottle-feeding guidance.