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The path to healthy newborn puppies, kittens, and foals starts long before the mating actually happens. Both parents need conditioning, care and the assistance from quality breeding supplies and supplements to support them through the breeding, gestation, and birthing process. At Revival Animal Health, we understand your commitment to providing top-notch care and quality products to support your dogs, cats, and horses through each stage of reproduction. This is why you'll find a range of breeding supplies, supplements, vaccines, and more to assist your animals at every phase.

Our Dog and Cat Breeding Supplies

Revival Animal Health has been supplying high-quality breeding products since 1989. We have proudly supported breeders, shelters, veterinary practices and pet owners with equipment, supplements and supplies to prioritize their animals' health and well-being. 

Our customers trust Breeder's Edge, the leading brand in reproductive health for dogs, cats, and horses. Breeder's Edge focuses on supporting successful breedings and prioritizes newborn, female and male health.

Cat and Dog Reproduction Supplies

Breeder's Edge® by Revival Animal Health offers dog, cat, and horse breeders the best-in-class supplies and supplements for every stage of reproduction: 

  • Breeder's Edge Oxy Mate Prenatal: This complete prenatal supplement supports breeding females with iron, folic acid, zinc, and herbs. The soft chews give pregnant cats and dogs what they need to support a healthy red blood cell count and deliver prenatal nutrients to help support healthy litters.
  • Breeder's Edge Oral Cal Plus Gel: This oral calcium gel for dogs and cats in labor helps support normal contractions and promotes a sense of mental alertness.
  • Breeder's Edge Oxy Momma: This postnatal supplement supports healthy lactation in dogs and cats recovering from giving birth while also promoting normal reproductive hormone levels, helping prepare the female for the next gestational period.
  • Breeder's Edge Problem Female: This supplement supports breeding females and helps them maintain normal reproductive function and cycles.
  • Breeder's Edge Nurture Flora: This puppy and kitten probiotic formula designed specifically for delicate newborn puppies and kittens supports healthy digestion and immune systems.
  • Breeder's Edge Oxy Stud: Formulated with specialized ingredients to support normal reproductive function, these dog or cat soft chews may help promote optimal breeding performance and capacity in male dogs and cats. 
  • Breeder's Edge B Strong: This vitamin B supplement for dogs or cats gives females the nutrients necessary for healthy heat cycles while also supporting optimal energy levels and appetites.

Other Popular Supplies

Additional products with breeder seal of approval include:

  • Breeder's Edge Repeat Pads: These machine-washable whelping and crate pads help keep nursing females and their litters dry and clean. The reusable and leak-proof pads are a favorite among dog and cat breeders. 
  • Breeder's Edge NurseMaid Wipes: These handy hygienic wipes help keep your breeding female's nipples clean for nursing offspring.
  • Breeder's Edge Clean Cut Family: These umbilical care products come in one helpful kit. The kit includes non-staining povidone-iodine for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens, precision scissors, stainless steel forceps, and 12 umbilical clamps to help stop kitten and puppy cord bleeding. 

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Helping you support breeding dogs, cats, and horses is our mission! Revival Animal Health's knowledgeable Pet Care Pros are available to answer any questions you have about reproductive health and more. They can be reached at 800.786.4751

Shop our dog, cat, and horse breeding supplies today or contact us online for any inquiries.