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Microchip Tips

Registering your pet’s microchip is an important step to ensure the return of the animal to the proper owner… you!

Microchip Registration

Sometimes new owners forget to register their pet’s microchip. When a microchipped pet is found, the number can be looked up on the Pet Microchip Lookup Tool to determine which company holds the registration. The chip company is called to obtain owner information. If the chip is not registered on the microchip database, they may call for the implant facility’s information, but they are not required to do so. If the implanter is contacted, they have to go through their records to determine which animal received that chip number and who purchased the animal. This can be a frustrating, time-consuming chore. BuddyID™ Pre-paid Registrations can prevent this from happening.

Pre-paid Microchip Registration

A Pre-paid microchip registration will include a card with registration instructions and will have a Pre-paid Code to be used at checkout to cover the cost of a lifetime registration. A Pre-paid Registration can be used for any brand of microchip. The cost of this can be factored in when pricing the pet. The pet owner will appreciate that the cost of registration is included in the cost of the pet. Owners will not incur any annual or additional fees.

Not all microchip registries are the same. Some microchip registries require annual renewal fees or subscriptions. Revival recommends registering your pet’s microchip with the BuddyID™ Microchip Registry. The BuddyID™ Microchip Registry does not have an annual subscription or renewal fee. With a one-time fee, your pet will be added to the BuddyID™ Microchip Registry for their entire life.

Time is critical to an animal waiting in a shelter and having direct registrations will ensure the timely return of your beloved pet.

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Pet Microchip FAQs
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