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Pro ID™ Mini Microchips



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  • Pro ID Mini Chip™ is the perfect ID for animal management
  • Anti-Migration coating protects the chip with a smooth Parylene® sealer
  • Pre-loaded microchip comes in sterile individual pouch
  • Comfortable syringe with Sure-Grip™ fits all hands
  • Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer, Microchip ID Systems, Inc.

Need a simple solution to how to keep your pet safe? The Pro ID™ Mini Microchip is an ISO compliant microchip that will help you reunite with a lost furry friend! This tiny animal ID microchip is ideal for all dogs and other pets of any age or size. This pet microchip features an extra sharp, slim 15 gauge needle. ClickFinish™ technology lets you know when the chip has been properly installed.

The Pre-Paid Registration Form (sold separately) makes registering your pet's microchip simple. No worries about additional fees or renewals; this is a one-time cost and never needs to be replaced.

If you live outside the United States or plan to travel abroad with your pet, an ISO microchip is for you! Required for most international travel, ISO microchips operate at 134.2 kHz, making them compliant with ISO standard 11784. Non-ISO Pro ID™ Standard Microchips operate at 125 kHz.

All Pro ID™ microchips come with a lifetime warranty.

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Pro ID Mini Chip features custom integrated circuitry. Requires no batteries. Has no moving parts. The programmed chip number is unaffected by normal electromagnetic fields or x-rays.

Chip Size: Mini 1.4 mm x 10 mm
Needle Size: 15 Gauge
Material: BIO GLASS 8625 from Schott®
Warranty: Lifetime of the animal
Operating Frequency: 125 kHz (Non-ISO) or 134.2 kHz (ISO)
Operating Temperature: -13 degrees Fahrenheit to over 185 degrees Fahrenheit
Anti Migration Coating: Smooth Parylene® sealer
EtO Sterilization Process: Microchip comes in sterile individual pouch

Pre-Paid Registration Form includes:
  • A Pre-Paid Card with built-in Registration Code
  • Full service registry including live Customer Care
  • A zippered plastic bag so everything stays together for each pet
  • Free Pet Training Video and Member Card
Microchip Record Keeping Form
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