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Her Edge: Her Plan for Reproductive Success

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Healthy moms raise tomorrow’s healthy pets. That’s why every mom deserves the best at each stage of her reproductive life. Breeder’s Edge® Her Edge is a system for success, developed to give each breeding female dog and cat in your care Her Edge.

Her Edge by Breeder's Edge

What is Her Edge?

Her Edge starts with getting her healthy. Breeder’s Edge® In Between for Her™ is a female multivitamin that helps her maintain her health between pregnancies. It supplies her with B vitamins to support a healthy reproductive system, calcium for bone health, biotin for healthy skin and coat, and iron as a blood builder. In Between for Her™ should be given from weaning until the next breeding.

Healthy Heat Cycles

Reproductive success won’t happen without a healthy heat cycle. That’s why the next step in Her Edge is Breeder’s Edge® B Strong™. For females that struggle with regular heat cycles, B Strong™ is a B-complex vitamin that helps with her heat cycles, conception rates and embryo development. For best results, supplement with B Strong 30 to 60 days before the time you would like to have her come into heat. There are several scenarios when a female may be experiencing a B vitamin deficiency and B Strong can help:
  • When a female has had a particularly hard season with heavy, smelly flow she should be supplemented to support the recovery of her reproductive system making sure it is healthy for her next season.
  • If a female has had a silent heat cycle or split heat cycle, B Strong supports her reproductive system and the natural production of the necessary hormones that are necessary to get pregnant and hold the pregnancy.
  • When a female has not had a cycle in more than nine months. A healthy reproductive system cycles regularly. Providing B Strong will support her reproductive system.
  • If the female has not had a litter for a couple of years and you are planning breeding.

Vitamins for Pregnant Dogs and Cats

During pregnancy, there are many demands placed on mom’s body. That’s why providing her with a premium prenatal vitamin is important for a healthy pregnancy. Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Mate® given from breeding through labor supports her health and the health of her developing newborns. Oxy Mate® provides her with elevated levels of iron, folic acid, and zinc that optimizes the production of red blood cells and blood flow which are important during pregnancy. In addition, this prenatal supplement provides herbal ingredients to improve uterine tone and ease birthing.

Support During & After Whelping

When whelping or queening begins, give her the support she needs for a healthy labor. The next step in Her Edge is Breeder’s Edge® Oral Cal Plus™ Gel. When labor starts, calcium is a must-have. It supports effective contractions, dilation and mom’s mental health. But remember, with calcium, you don’t want to start her on calcium too soon. If you supplement calcium too early, you shut down the pregnant dog or cat’s ability to fine-tune the demand needed for whelping and milk production. However, once she’s in labor, supplementation is desirable. Oral Cal Plus™ Gel absorbs quickly which is important for a mom in labor. Start mom on Oral Cal Plus™ Gel as soon as her temperature drops one degree. Mom’s calcium needs don’t end after labor is over. Once the newborns arrive, it’s time for the next step in Her Edge. Breeder’s Edge® Oral Cal Plus Powder is a calcium supplement that supports a mom’s bone health and reduces her risk of developing eclampsia and other issues of calcium deficiency post-birth. When her newborns are nursing, her calcium needs are at their highest therefore, Oral Cal Plus™ Powder works best when given from birth through weaning.

Postnatal Care for Dogs and Cats

The next part of Her Edge is a postnatal supplement that promotes healthy milk production and supports her body as she recovers from pregnancy and labor. From birth to weaning, Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Momma™ is a special multivitamin blend of herbs and essential amino acids specifically formulated for lactating moms. Keeping mom hydrated throughout pregnancy, labor and nursing is important. That’s why the final part of Her Edge is Breeder’s Edge® Puppy Lyte and Kitten Lyte. Don’t let the name fool you. These electrolytes are perfect for moms as a source of water and energy. They contain fast-absorbing dextrose along with amino acids and other minerals including sodium chloride, taurine, calcium and potassium. Remember, before supplementing any pet diet, it is always advised to consult with a canine or feline nutritionist. Even too much of a good thing can be bad. If you are feeding a raw, home-cooked or any other diet, evaluating the vitamin levels is strongly recommended to make sure that over-supplementation will not cause health issues in the female. The products that make up Her Edge work best when they work together… like a system. Since 2008, pet owners have turned to and trusted Breeder’s Edge® products. Our goal is that with Her Edge system for success, pet owners can more easily navigate what products to use and when. For any questions on Her Edge or any of the products mentioned, call our knowledgeable Pet Care Pros at 800.786.4751. Learn how Breeder’s Edge supports males and newborns! Discover His Edge and the Newborn Edge.
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