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His Edge: His Plan for Reproductive Success

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A male’s role in breeding takes support. He needs energy, endurance and healthy sperm. Breeder’s Edge® His Edge is a system developed to give a breeding male dog or cat His Edge for breeding success.
Breeder's Edge His Edge

What is His Edge?

His Edge starts with getting him healthy. Breeder’s Edge® In Between for Him™ is a male multivitamin that helps male dogs and cats maintain their health between breedings. It supplies 23 key vitamins and minerals to help him maintain his overall health, energy level and cardiovascular functions. Reproductive success won’t happen without healthy sperm. The next step in His Edge is Breeder’s Edge® B Strong™. B Strong™ is a B-complex vitamin that improves the quantity, quality, motility and mobility of sperm and ensures he has the drive and energy needed for breeding. When an active/competing male is at stud or being collected, the B vitamins in B Strong™ also support the red blood cell development and increase the functionality of the male reproductive organs. B Strong™ works best when it’s given 30 to 60 days before breeding. The male’s role in breeding shouldn’t be an afterthought. Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Stud™ given for 30 days prior to breeding supports his unique needs by promoting healthy sperm production and helps him sustain strength and energy. The next step in His Edge has to do with semen nutrition. Breeder’s Edge Problem Male™ is a male fertility supplement that boosts libido and sexual vitality. Problem Male™ given for 60 days prior to breeding helps ensure his sperm and hormones are healthy. There are times when males need a boost to get going. Breeder’s Edge Get Him Going™ is herbal hormone support that enhances libido, energy and vitality. Get Him Going™ should be used three to five days prior to breeding. Keeping males hydrated when around a female in heat is important. That’s why the final part of His Edge is Breeder’s Edge® Puppy Lyte™ and Kitten Lyte™. Don’t let the name fool you. These electrolytes promote hydration and provide him with the extra energy necessary to complete the work of breeding. They contain fast-absorbing dextrose along with amino acids and other minerals including sodium chloride, taurine, calcium and potassium.

Male Dog Fertility Supplements

Remember, before supplementing any pet diet, it is always recommended to consult with a canine or feline nutritionist. Even too much of a good thing can be bad. If you are feeding a raw, home-cooked or any other diet, evaluating the vitamin levels is strongly recommended to make sure that over-supplementation will not cause health issues in the male. The products that make up His Edge work best when they work together… like a system. Since 2008, pet owners have turned to and trusted Breeder’s Edge® products. Our goal is that with His Edge system for success, pet owners can more easily navigate what products to use and when. For questions on His Edge or any of the products mentioned, call a Pet Care Pro at 800.786.4751.
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