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10 Useful Items in a Puppy Pack

By Maria Schubert

June 15, 2022

Every dog owner knows that a new puppy is a handful. That’s why sending a new owner home with a puppy pack helps set up the puppy for success in their new home. In our latest Pet Care Pro show episode, Shelley and Beth talk about ten of the most important items you should send with the puppy in their puppy pack. What do you do after you get home though? As a new owner, what do I need to have ready for my new puppy?

A Place to Sleep

You may want your new puppy to sleep in bed with you or on a cute dog bed, but it’s important you give them a space of their own. Getting a carrier or a kennel will give your puppy a nice comfy space to relax in when you’re gone or when she is scared.  You may receive your puppies favorite toy in your puppy pack, so use that as their chew toy so they don’t destroy their bed.

When picking out the right size kennel, Dr. B recommends you make it large enough that they can turn around and sleep but not so big that they can have a bathroom at one end and a sleeping area at the other.

Puppy Proof Your Home

From cords on the floor to toxic plants, there are many items in your home that are toxic to puppies or could seriously hurt them. One tip I always learned when it came to prepping my home for a new puppy, was to get down to their level. Your puppy will find things that you might not regularly see, so it’s important to catch them and take care of it before the pup finds it. For a detailed list of things to watch for I recommend you visit

Puppies can be a handful, so it’s important you read any information given to you in your puppy pack. The breeder will know your dog best, so reach out to them if you have questions about the pup. If you need help preparing for your new puppy, be sure to call us at 800.786.4751 and our Pet Care Pros can give you helpful tips and product recommendations.

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If you need help, call us at 800.786.4751.