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Breeder's Edge® Clean Cut™ Umbilical Forceps




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  • Helps control blood flow and stop cord bleeding
  • Mosquito forceps small enough for the tiniest puppy or kitten
  • Easily clamps and double-locks securely
  • Can be used on umbilical cord, dewclaw or tail
  • Stainless steel

Breeder's Edge® Clean Cut™ Umbilical Forceps are designed to apply pressure to the umbilical cord right after it is cut. Clean Cut™ Umbilical Forceps are 3.5 inches long and easily clamp and double-lock securely to prevent accidental opening. Hemostat forceps help reduce the risk of umbilical cord infections by applying pressure to control blood flow and stop cord bleeding. They also help control minor bleeding on the dewclaw or tail. These mosquito forceps are lightweight and small enough for the tiniest puppy or kitten. If the animal moves, the smooth rounded ends will not scratch or cause injury to the umbilical area.

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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless steel

Size: 3.5"L

Storage: Store in a dry location
Directions for Use: Use Breeder's Edge® Clean Cut™ Umbilical Scissors to cut the umbilical cord at a length of ½" to 1". A small amount of bleeding is normal and the area should clot naturally within a couple of seconds. If bleeding persists, use the Clean Cut™ Umbilical Forceps to clamp the umbilical stump towards the cut end. Monitor the area.

Once bleeding stops remove the forceps and use an iodine solution to seal and protect the umbilical area. Continue to monitor the umbilical area daily for swelling, discoloration or any other sign of infection or improper healing.

Care Instructions: After use, wash with hot soapy water, removing any blood or tissue. Sanitize after each use. Dry thoroughly and store forceps in a protected area.
For use on puppies and kittens.
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