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Why Choose Breeder's Edge

  • Support moms through pregnancy, whelping and nursing
  • Give newborns the healthiest possible start to life
  • Provide essential nutrients to the breeding male
  • Backed by Breeders' Edge 100% satisfaction

Give your moms, males and newborns the tools they need to succeed! From Foster Care Milk Replacers to the Oxy line of reproductive supplements, Breeders' Edge offers exclusive solutions for the times when you need them the most. Formulated especially for breeders, these proprietary blends are ready to help you out through breeding, pregnancy, whelping and nursing.


"I used Breeders' Edge Oxy Momma this last litter and my vet said he has never seen such healthy puppies in the 19 years I've been breeding. I'm sold."

– Nancy S.