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Pet Vaccine FAQs

By Maria Schubert

June 15, 2022

Shopping online for pet vaccines can be confusing and sometimes difficult. Many customers reach out to our Pet Care Pros for answers on pet vaccines. In this episode of the Pet Care Pro Show, Helen and Deedee will talk about common pet vaccine questions our customers ask. We’ll cover the differences between modified-live virus vaccines (MLV) and killed vaccines. We’ll also touch on needle sizes and how they differ.

MLV vs. Killed Vaccines

A common question pet owners ask is the difference between an MLV vaccine and a killed vaccine. The first is a modified-live virus or MLV for short. MLV uses a weakened virus to stimulate an immune response in your pet. A killed vaccine is an inactive form of the virus that uses an adjuvant to stimulate an immune response. Both vaccines have their pros and cons. For example, MLV vaccines are more effective when it comes to preparing the immune system. They last longer and they are also faster at achieving immunity. Killed vaccines pose no risk of infecting the animal, but are less effective in providing immunity and usually require two doses.

Picking a Needle

The second most common question vaccine customers ask is how to pick the right needle. Needles are an important step in administering your pet’s vaccine. The two most common needle sizes for pets are the 25 and 22 gauge needles. They are color coded to help you identify them. The blue needle, the 22 gauge, is the most common one used for vaccinating and causes the least pain. Next is the 25 gauge, which is a light red color. This needle is tiny and requires more pressure to administer the vaccine. Dr. B warns that the pressure from the vaccine shooting out could tear tissue, so use with caution.

Join Helen and Deedee as they talk about other common pet vaccine questions in the latest episode of the Pet Care Pro Show.

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