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Ordering Pet Vaccines Online

Vaccines are an important part of keeping your pets healthy. We also know how stressful it can be to order them and wait for them to arrive. In this episode of The Pet Care Pro Show, Cynthia and Beth share the ins and outs of ordering pet vaccines online.

Ordering Pet Vaccines Online

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Buying Pet Vaccines Online

At Revival Animal Health we ship out nearly a thousand pet vaccine orders every week so it’s no surprise that as the Pet Vaccine Experts we get a lot of questions about vaccines. Vaccines are an important part of your pet’s health and if you’ve never had vaccines shipped to your home before you might be wondering what the process looks like and if it’s right for you and your pets. At Revival we are committed to being at the Pet Vaccine Experts and that includes everything from vaccine selection to shipping to customer care after your order has been placed.

Can You Buy Dog Vaccine Online

We talk to a lot of pet owners who have never ordered vaccines online or over the phone. They’ve always had their vets or worked with their vets but they want to know how it works. When it comes to ordering your vaccines online, the key is to order them well before you need them to account for delivery. In order to ensure that the vaccines stay cool we always ship on either a two-day or an overnight shipping service we never want to ship a vaccine over the weekend or during a holiday because we don’t want those vaccines to stay on a warm truck and arrive to you warm. Your pets vaccines are way too important to take that risk so for that reason we accept 2-day orders Monday through Wednesday morning and overnight orders through Thursday morning. Saturday delivery is available but it’s best to contact one of our Pet Care Pros to see if Saturday delivery is available in your zip code. It’s best not to count on it so give us a call. Our Pet Care Pros will be able to update you on where your package is at and when it will arrive.

Can Pet Vaccines Be Delivered to My House?

Our warehouse packages vaccines in a custom polar boxes that is specifically made to keep vaccines cool for up to 48 hours. When you open the polar box you’ll notice the ice is on top and not under the vaccines. We have tested this many times and found that this is the best way to keep vaccines cool for the longest time.

When you receive your order you do want to make sure that the vaccines are okay so we recommend that you check your vaccines right away. A lot of people ask if the vaccines are safe when the ice pack is melted and the answer is absolutely. That means the ice is doing its job. A tip I like to give people is to take the vials take a couple of the powders take a couple of the dilute ins and place them to the inside of your wrist or up to your cheek. These are two parts of your body with the most sensitive skin so these are great areas to check the temperature and if they are cool to your touch then they are okay to use. We are very proud of the fact that less than two of every thousand vaccine orders we ship are returned for being warm but if a customer does have a concern about the temperature of their order just give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

Shelley Hexom

Written by: Shelley Hexom

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Shelley Hexom is Revival's Content Manager and helps develop educational pet health resources. A three-time Emmy® Award-winning news anchor, Shelley works with Revival's Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, to help create useful and easy-to-understand articles, videos, and webinars. Shelley received her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Winona State University in 2002. As a pet owner, Shelley enjoys time with her Boxer mix, Sally. Shelley has been part of the Revival Paw Squad since 2016.

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