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Revival’s Helpful Vaccine Finder

You want to ensure your pet(s) are properly vaccinated, but knowing which vaccine your dog or cat needs, can be overwhelming!

What Vaccine Does My Dog Need?

Whether it’s annual dog vaccines or cat vaccinations, it’s not a one size fits all. Does your pet live indoors, outdoors or spend time around other animals? Is the animal used for breeding? These are all factors to consider when choosing the right vaccine. So, to make it easier, our vaccine experts at Revival and our Education Team partnered to develop a new Vaccine Finder! A simple tool designed to help you sort through many of the most common combination vaccine options, we’ve created this user-friendly resource so you can confidently provide your pets with medications approved by our professionals. By answering a few simple questions, you will be guided to the best vaccination options for your pet. Think of it as creating your pet’s personalized vaccine plan! Vaccine Finder Button

Vaccine Storage: Did You Know?

Keeping vaccines properly refrigerated is a must to ensure vaccine efficacy. After you find the right vaccine for your pet using the Vaccine Finder, check out the article “Vaccine Storage: How to Store Vaccines” to give your pet the best shot at staying healthy!

The Vaccine Experts

At Revival, we are the Pet Vaccine Experts and we understand how important it is that your vaccines arrive safely. To keep your vaccines safe, we take extra measures such as custom polar boxes and monitored cooling. Learn more about how we store and ship vaccines. Like the Vaccine Finder? Also try the Flea & Tick Finder and let us help you find the best flea and tick preventative for your pet.

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