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4 Times to Use Milk Replacers

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Kitten and puppy milk replacers are often thought of as nourishment for newborns if mom’s milk isn’t available. And while that is true, kitten and puppy milk replacers such as Breeder’s Edge® Foster Care™ can also provide a needed boost and nutrition to cats and dogs in other stages of life as well.

1. Milk Replacer for Newborn Puppies and Kittens

When should I use milk replacer for puppies or kittens? There are many reasons why a newborn puppy or kitten may need a milk replacer. Whether you have orphans, a large litter or maybe mom’s milk just hasn’t come in yet, a milk replacer can provide the nutrition that a newborn needs. When this happens, bottle feeding or tube feeding a puppy or kitten every few hours using a milk replacer can be the difference between a thriving and a struggling newborn.

2. Milk Replacer for Weaning Puppies and Kittens

Using a milk replacer during the weaning process can help give new foods a familiar flavor. When milk replacer is mixed in or used as a top dressing, puppies and kittens know the milk flavor and will start eating the food with it. Once they get the hang of more solid food, then slowly back off the replacer over one week until they are just on food

3. Milk Replacer for Pregnant and Lactating Dogs and Cats

During canine and feline pregnancy and postpartum it’s important to keep mom eating to keep her energy up. If mom’s appetite isn’t quite normal, top dressing her food with a milk replacer can help encourage her to eat and enhance the flavor of her food.

4. Milk Replacer for Convalescing Dogs and Cats

Whether recovering from sickness, C-section or another type of surgery, using a milk replacer as a top dressing on food or as a supplement can help provide extra calories to boost energy which can help speed up recovery.

Whether you are using milk replacer for newborns or older animals, it’s important to read the label to properly measure and mix the desired amount of milk replacer needed.

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Written by: Shelley Hexom

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