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Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

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Supplementing a dog mom’s milk is a really big deal for a newborn puppy or kitten. You want to make sure they get the nutrition they need but you also want to make sure the newborn isn’t left with a tummy ache or diarrhea. For this reason, many pet owners turn to goat milk as a milk replacer for puppies and kittens with stomach and digestive sensitivities.

Goat Milk vs Cow’s Milk

Goat milk is often considered easier to digest than traditional cow’s milk. Goat milk replacers, such as Breeder’s Edge® Foster Care™ GM, support rapid energy absorption due to smaller fat particles in the milk. These smaller fat particles make goat milk easier for the stomach enzymes to break down. Breeder’s Edge Foster Care GM is the only goat milk-based milk replacer that is enriched with IgY for intestinal immunity support and Bio-Mos® to support healthy weight gain, growth and immune system development. It also contains micronized psyllium to promote healthy bowel function, stool formation and to help reduce occurrences of diarrhea.

Supports Healthy Development & Growth

With nutritionally balanced levels of proteins, fats and amino acids, Breeder’s Edge Foster Care GM is a complete food source and supports the healthy development and growth of puppies and kittens up to 35 days of age. It is ideal for orphaned, rejected or nursing puppies and kittens with sensitive stomachs that may require supplemental feedings. It can also be given as a nutritional supplement to adult dogs and cats who may be pregnant, lactating or recovering from surgery or injury. A puppy or kitten milk replacer won’t replace mom’s milk 100 percent; however, when needed, it’s important to find a formula that fills their tummy without causing digestive challenges. To learn more about Breeder’s Edge Foster Care GM visit The Revival Animal Health Learning Center has these resources to help: Bottle Feeding Puppies and Kittens How to Tube Feed a Puppy

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