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Revival’s Whelping Kit for Dogs

What do I need for whelping? Whether this is your first time helping a dog have puppies or you’ve had experience before, having a whelping kit with the supplies you need helps you feel confident and ready when whelping begins. Whelping Kit Button

What Is In A Whelping Kit for Dogs?

Whelping kits are designed to help moms deliver puppies safely and to prepare the new mother and her puppy for the immediate days after birth. A kit is an essential tool for delivering puppies safely and ensuring the best outcome for the puppies. The whelping kit is a collection of items that an expectant mom should have access to before, during and after she gives birth to keep the mother and puppies comfortable and safe.

What Supplies Are in The Revival Kit?

Revival Animal Health product experts and the Education Team created The Revival Whelping Kit to help you be prepared for whelping. This one-stop-shop for whelping supplies is split into seven categories so you can find the items you may need and easily add them to your cart:
  • Whelping Area: Knowing what dog whelping supplies to have on hand, keeps them comfortable and thriving in their whelping area! Mom and puppies need a clean, safe, warm and calm environment for whelping and in the early days of life.
  • For Moms: What do I need for my dog to give birth? Get mom’s body ready for whelping so she can efficiently deliver a healthy litter!
  • Newborn Care: Newborn puppy care starts with the right newborn puppy supply list. Ensure newborns get a healthy and strong start at life!
  • Feeding & Nutrition: Eat. Poop. Repeat! Newborn puppy nutrition is critical for a healthy start. If mom can’t keep up on feeding demands, have newborn puppy feeding tools on hand so you are ready to help nourish hungry tummies!
  • For Mom Post Whelping: Help mom recover! Be prepared for times when she may need help from you!
  • For You: Prepare your puppy birthing kit! Have what you need for whelping puppies, so you can be there for mom and her newborns.
  • Helpful Extras:  Be ready! When the unexpected happens, having a whelping kit for dogs ready to go with the right dog birth supplies on hand is invaluable.

Supplies for Whelping Puppies

Whether it’s your dog’s first litter of puppies or she’s been through this process before, you want to be prepared for when whelping begins. From setting up the whelping area to choosing supplies for mom and her newborns, the Revival Whelping Kit recommends whelping tools you’ll want to have on hand when whelping day comes. Since every whelping experience is a little different, we want to ensure you understand why certain whelping items are needed. That’s why we’ve added a ProTip from Marty Greer, DVM, Revival’s Director of Veterinary Services, on every single product to explain why that item is necessary.

Try Revival’s Puppy Whelping Kit

Where to Buy a Whelping Kit for Your Dog?

Revival Animal Health makes building your own whelping kit easy. With our easy-to-use product chooser, you can get the whelping tools you need. Knowing what whelping supplies you’ll need can be overwhelming, so let us help. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping dog moms and their owners deliver healthy and happy litters. If you have questions on whelping puppies or any of the products listed on the puppy whelping kit, we encourage you to call a Revival Pet Care Pro at 800.786.4751.Whelping Kit Button
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