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Tie-Up® Canine Intravaginal AI Kit




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  • The Tie-Up® Canine Intravaginal AI Kit mimics natural mating by encouraging normal physiological events in the female canine
  • Reduces stress on the animal, increasing your chance of successful conception
  • Provides a valuable, more comfortable breeding solution
  • Unique sponge simulates actual "tying up"
  • Available in sizes 4" and 6"
The Tie-Up® Canine Intravaginal AI Kit is the only small animal artificial insemination kit that encourages normal physiological events in the female canine similar to a natural breeding. Reduces stress on the animal, increasing your chance of successful conception and providing a valuable, more comfortable breeding solution. The unique, soft plastic-coated sponge simulates the male penis triggering the female's vagina to contract upon insertion and close down on the sponge to simulate actual "tying up." Vaginal contractions hold the sponge in place and stop semen leakage while assisting the movement of semen into the uterine body cavity. Kit includes canine disposable A/V liner, 15 ml collection tube, and canine semen delivery device. Available in sizes 4" and 6". Single-use product. Made in USA.
Kit Includes:
(1) Disposable Canine A/V Liner
(1) 15ml Semen Collection Tube
(1) Canine Semen Delivery Device

Tie-Up Canine AI Device
  1. Cleanse vulva and external surrounding area with warm soap and water.
  2. Place freshly collected semen from the collection tube into the sterile 30 cc syringe.
  3. Remove the Canine Semen Delivery Device from sealed pouch. (Caution: Do not remove the clear sheath that covers the foam).
  4. Lubricate the device and the dog's vulva with the contents of the non-spermicidal lubricant packet.
  5. Gently insert the device into the vulva (STIP™ Tip end is inserted, leaving the capped Flex Tip Infusion Pipette protruding) and push gently at an upward angle until the entire foam/sponge and O-ring are inside the vulva and the device is held securely in place by the vestibular bulb simulating "tying up."
  6. In the proper position, approximately 3" of the insemination tube and 2" of the plastic sheath will protrude from the vulva. Once in the proper position, the device will not easily slip back out of the vagina.

    Note: If the hymen is present, continue to push gently to penetrate and ease past the hymen. You will feel a slight "give" as the hymen is penetrated. During natural breeding, penetration of the hymen will cause sharp pain, but proper and gentle insertion of the device will cause only slight momentary discomfort, if any at all.
  7. Remove cap from the insemination tube and attach the semen-filled syringe securely to the insemination tube.
  8. Slowly depress plunger of the syringe to deliver entire contents into the insemination tube.
  9. Remove syringe and immediately replace cap securely onto insemination tube to prevent loss of semen.
  10. Keep the dog in a comfortable standing position for 30 minutes (to simulate tie up).
  11. Remove the device by firmly grasping the end of the plastic sheath and pipette and gently pulling outward. Discard device.
Note: After removal of the device, it is recommended the dog be confined to a crate or small pen for an hour or more to encourage the dog to remain calm and to minimize stress.
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