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Hurricane Ultra II Fogger



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  • Hurricane Fogger dispenses both water and oil based products
  • Three precision nozzles adjust mist size
  • Adjustable metering valve determines flow rate
  • Transparent one-gallon polyethylene tank
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Use the Hurricane Fogger with both water and oil based products, including disinfectants, medications, germicides and insecticides. This electric portable aerosol applicator works great for large and small areas including animal care facilities, hospitals, greenhouses, homes, hospitals, and restaurants. It features three rugged nylon precision nozzles to deliver particle sizes ranging from seven to thirty microns. The adjustable metering valve adjusts flow up to five gallons per hour. The Hurricane Fogger has a one-gallon high density chemical resistant polyethylene tank for easy chemical checks and a drain plug for complete draining. The adjustable tilt locking knob allows adjusting the flow angle in a 60° range, up to 40° above horizontal. Includes 18" power cord. One Year Limited Warranty. Made in USA.
Motor: 2790 Continuous Duty; 110 Volts AC; 6.85 AMPS; 50/60 HZ; 20,000 RPM
Adjustable Flow Rate: 0-5 gal/hr
Particle Size: 7-30 microns
Tank Capacity: 1 gallon
Dimensions: 13"L x 8"W x 14"H
Weight (empty): 6.6 lb
The Hurricane Fogger is an electric portable aerosol applicator that can be used in wide variety of applications including but not limited to dispensing medicines, insecticides, disinfectants, deodorizers, and germicides.

It can be adjusted with precision to easy and effectively fog large and small areas such as rooms, homes, kennels, stables, farm buildings, animal care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants.

Read the directions completely for the desired application and set the Hurricane Fogger up accordingly. The Hurricane Fogger is equipped to deliver particle sizes from 7 - 30 microns with flow ranges up to 5 gallons per hour output.
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