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Why Is My Pet’s Prescription Not in the Original Packaging?

Have you wondered why your pet’s prescription from the Revival Animal Health pharmacy arrives in multiple bottles or not in the original packaging? Here’s why:

Pet Prescriptions Not in the Original Packaging

Many pet prescriptions come to us from the manufacturer bottled with a non-child resistant cap. Pharmacy law requires us to send your prescription with a child resistant lid to protect children from getting into medications. If you do not have a child in your home and would like to request a non-child resistant cap on your prescription, please call our pharmacy and we will send you a waiver to complete.

Another reason your pet’s prescription may not arrive in its original packaging is because the amount you purchased may be less than what is in the original stock bottle or box. That is why we sell our prescription products individually; per pill, tablet or dose. By selling a medication in “eaches” it makes it easier for pet owners to purchase only the amount they need and not just the amount that comes in a bottle or box. For example, if you only need four doses of heartworm protection for your pet, you will receive the four doses in a bottle and not the original box.

Multiple Bottles or Boxes of the Same Item

By pharmacy law, we are required to provide an expiration and lot number for each item we ship. If we need to use multiple lot numbers or expiration dates to fill a prescription, we are required to keep them separated and placed in separate bottles or packages. So, if you receive two bottles filled with the same prescription, that just means we had to use two original bottles to fulfill the prescription.

In addition, if you have more than one pet that uses the same prescription, pharmacy law requires that each pet must be sent their own bottle. For example, if Lucky and Fido are both on Heartgard Plus Green and you order six doses to split between the two, you are going to get three doses in separate bottles. We aren’t able to label a six-count box (which it comes in) with both of the pet’s names.

Questions about your cat or dog’s prescription? Call the Revival Animal Health pharmacy team and we are happy to help!

Written by: Lori S., Pharm D.

Pharmacist in Charge

I grew up on a farm and had once considered becoming a vet. In fact, I still live on a family farm with my husband, three kids and lots of animals. Working at Revival brings together my passion for pharmacy and pets. If there is a prescription product you'd like to see us carry, please don't hesitate to reach out and let our Pharmacy Team know.

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