Pet Care Basics

Eye Care for Dogs and Cats

How do I take care of my dog’s eyes? If your pet has any eye problems, it’s usually because of bacteria and irritation. While healthy eyes are moist and clear, infected eyes may have redness, swelling or mucus, and your pet may rub and scratch them often.

Cat and Dog Eye Health Tips

To keep your pet’s eyes healthy, there are a few precautions you should take:

  • Keep your pet’s eyes free of mucus, which can build up and cause eye infections. Use an eye wash to flush out bacteria, mucus and other foreign materials that may irritate the eyes.
  • Long hair can scratch your pet’s cornea and cause irritation. Keep hair out of your pet’s eyes by regularly trimming the hair around the eyes with a blunt-nosed scissors.
  • Apply a protective ophthalmic ointment under the top eyelid before giving your pet a bath or insecticide treatment. This will prevent shampoos or chemicals from entering their eyes and causing damage or irritation.

Tear Stains on Dogs and Cats

Some dogs and cats also have problems with tear stains. This happens when tears spill out and rest on the surrounding hair. The wet fur can be a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in unsightly stains. Clean the affected areas regularly with a tear stain remover to get rid of the stain and keep the fur clean.

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Written by: The Revival Education Team

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