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Plans for Reproductive Health

By Shelley Hexom

June 15, 2022

*This post was sponsored by Breeder’s Edge® The challenges you face are different than the average pet owner. Whether you have a pregnant female dog, a nursing queen cat, a breeding male dog, a new litter of puppies or you’re caring for orphaned kittens, you need a plan to ensure these animals get the care they need. Breeder’s Edge® has a plan for every breeding female, male and newborn in your care. When used together, the products that make up Her Edge, His Edge and the Newborn Edge give your pet the reproductive and overall health they deserve. In addition, all Breeder’s Edge® products are safe, trusted and proudly made in the USA with top quality ingredients. Finding the best cat and dog breeding supplies and supplements and then knowing when to use them can be tricky. With Breeder’s Edge® you’ll discover stud dog fertility supplements, prenatal vitamins for cats, dog pregnancy vitamins, dog heat cycle help and kitten milk replacers that don’t cause diarrhea. Breeder’s Edge® is the first and only brand dedicated solely to reproductive health for dogs and cats. Breeder’s Edge® products work best when they work together and create a complete system for cat and dog breeding success. The products are easy to use and give each dog or cat the Edge they need at every stage of their reproductive life. Watch below and discover your plan for feline and canine breeding success.
If you have questions on the Edge plans or any Breeder’s Edge® products, don’t hesitate to call a Revival Pet Care Pro at 800.786.4751.

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