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Pet Vaccines You Trust

By Maria Schubert

June 15, 2022

From your first conversation with a Pet Care Pro to our Package Care Pros boxing up your order in the warehouse, getting your vaccines to you safely and quickly is a team effort. At Revival, we’re committed to being the Pet Vaccine Experts and it’s something every member of our team is dedicated to. Here are a few of the people in charge of making your vaccine experience the best in the business.

Pet Care Pros

The first stop in this pet vaccine journey is our Pet Care Pro team. You talk to them on the phone or via our web chat to place your order, but did you know they are also highly trained by our very own Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. B? When you call in with a pet vaccine question they have the product and pet health knowledge to give you the answers you need.

Package Care Pros

After you’ve placed your pet vaccine order, our Package Care Pros get to work collecting your order. They then pack your pet vaccine in specially made polar boxes, found only at Revival, along with ice packs. The Package Care Pros know there is a special way to pack your pet vaccines to ensure they stay cool, safe and ready for you to use as soon as they arrive.

Customer Care Pros

Oh no! Your order was warm or broken? This doesn’t happen often – only two of every 1,000 orders we ship are returned for being warm. But if it does happen, our Customer Care Pros are here to take care of you! They are more than happy to help you with any order issues.

The Paw Squad

They may not have a cool team name, but the rest of Revival also plays a part in the vaccine journey. From creating the helpful vaccine descriptions and images to making sure we stock your favorite brands, we’re all dedicated to giving you the best prices on your vaccines.

Vaccines play a huge role in the health and well being of our animals, so we want to show how dedicated we are to the role of the Pet Vaccine Experts.

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