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Operation: O2 Fur Pets

By Maria Schubert

June 15, 2022

When we think of things like house fires, and other disasters, we like to think “It could never happen to me.” The APPA (American Pet Product Association) estimated from 2017-2018 that pet ownership currently stood at 68% of all U.S. households. With the U.S. Census reporting 124.587 million households, the number of pet owning households is 84.6 million. That’s 84.6 million pets that deserve lifesaving in the event of a home a home fire or catastrophe.

O2 Fur Pets

When Brooklyn, an 8th grader from Iowa, realized how many pets are lost in a fire she knew she had to do something to help.  That’s when she decided to start Operation: O2 Fur Pets. Her goal is to provide every fire department in the state of Iowa with specialized equipment that would help provide oxygen to a family’s pet.

Thanks to WAG’N O2 Fur Life, she can do just that. The WAG’N O2 Fur Life program provides pet oxygen masks to Fire and EMSA department in North America. The pet oxygen masks are made to better fit our animal companions, big and small. Along with the kits they provide, are tools and training to help the First Responders learn the right ways to help your pet.

For many pet owners, their animals are apart of their family. When it comes to dangerous situations, like a house fire, they want to know their pets will be okay. With Operation: O2 Fur Pets and WAG’N O2 Fur Life, you are not only helping save your pets but other pets within your community.


If you would like to donate to Brooklyn’s cause, you can donate to the Operation: O2 Fur Pets Gofundme. You can also donate a pet oxygen mask kit to your local Fire Department by visiting the WAG’N O2 Fur Life website.

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