Pet Health Tips

Electrolytes for Pets

By Maria Schubert

June 15, 2022
Pet Electrolytes play an important role in keeping puppies and kittens hydrated and healthy. In the video above, Shelley and Deedee discuss some of the most common reasons pet owners use electrolytes. Whether you are weaning a puppy or helping a kitten recover from diarrhea, pet electrolytes will help that young animal stay hydrated.

Pet Electrolytes

Pet Electrolytes in water treat a number of puppies and kittens needs. In litters with diarrhea, the puppies and kittens need electrolytes to keep them from dehydrating. They probably won’t die from the virus or bacteria, but they can die from the resulting dehydration. Electrolytes also have enough sugar to keep them from becoming hypoglycemic. They are also helpful for “slow to wean” puppies, helping with the stress of weaning. Most electrolytes will work, and they’re inexpensive and easy to use. Breeders’ Edge Puppy and Kitten Lyte is a good choice. In emergency situations, other electrolytes work well too, but some have issues with the sugar source sticking to water bottles and bowls, which make them difficult to clean. Though expensive, Pedialyte with glucose (for human babies) in an emergency situation is alright to use. It is too sweet for puppies and kittens so dilute 50/50 with water before using, and they will swallow without gagging. When do you use electrolytes for newborns? Let us know in the comment below! Sign up to our email list to see future articles and other helpful resources such as this.

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