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Congratulations 2021 Cat Meownth Winners!

Throughout September, we celebrated Cat Meownth at Revival Animal Health. As we celebrated our feline friends, we asked you to tell us about your favorite shelter or rescue for a chance for them to win a 20-pound tub of Breeder’s Edge Feline Foster Care milk replacer. The response was Purrty Pawsome! We litter-ally had more than 3,000 nominations submitted. The response was so outstanding we decided that instead of just one winner, we would have 6! The 6 shelters and rescues that had the most nominations, each get a 20-pound tub of Breeder’s Edge Feline Foster Care. So without further ado, here are the winners and a little bit about each organization:

First Ladies Farm & Sanctuary – Riverview, FL.

First Ladies Farm began with a goal of giving a home to stray cats. “They rescue, medically treat, rehabilitate, foster and rehome so many unwanted kittens and cats in our area. They help other rescues and humane societies. They truly make a difference in our community.” – Mary Jo Garinger “Their dedication to and love for every cat and kitten they rescue is so obvious. They put 1,000% into running their farm and sanctuary.” -Christina Gruendel

SCAT (Sharon’s Critter Action Team) -Gloucester, VA.

SCAT was founded in 2015 and is primarily a cat rescue and volunteer foster organization. The organization frequently works with cats that are faced with expensive veterinary care needs. After getting the cats the care they vet care they are then sent to partner rescue organizations for adoption. SCAT has saved hundreds of animals through their program and is changing the game in the rescue world.” – Candace Swainbank “Amazing group who saves cats and kittens from kill shelters along the eastern seaboard then works with rescues in states that have higher demand. Saves the ill and injured, mamas and babies!” – Totty Yount

Last Hope Animal Rescue – Cedar Rapids, IA.

Formed in March of 2004, Last Hope Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer animal rescue group comprised of foster homes in the greater Cedar Rapids area and an Adoption Center located in SW Cedar Rapids. Most of their animals come from local kill shelters, as their time has run out due to any number of reasons including lack of space, not deemed adoptable, special needs, etc. “They play a vital role in the safety of Eastern Iowa animals who have been neglected, abused, abandoned in need of love, care and a home. I have four dogs to prove it!” – Linda Couch. “We have personally adopted from them and they do an incredible job of servicing the communities surrounding them. They are often left with drop offs of animals and always find a way to take care of them.” – Jess Anderson

AniMeals – Missoula, MT.

AniMeals mission is to house and feed as many animals as possible, to ease the suffering of the weak and unloved and to build a no-kill community. “They not only rescue and foster cats and kittens, they are a pet food bank and support lots of community drives like educating people on microchipping pets.” – Dianne McBride. “Outstanding rescue effort and unmatchable compassion.” – Rania Skef

KittyMOM Rescue – Kalispell, MT.

KittyMOM’s Rescue Organization is dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned, sick and stray cats and kittens by offering warmth, shelter, food, vet care, spaying and neutering and finding good responsible homes. “They are one of the only cat rescue operations in our small community, and they never turn anyone away.” – Shana Obrien “They are the kitty angels of Flathead Valley, MT.” – Connie Faulkner

Too Cute Kitten Rescue – Brawley, CA

Too Cute Kitten Rescue began in 2016, after president and CEO Lisa Keck started taking in orphaned kittens from Imperial Valley. She realized there were no real programs that focused on the tiniest of lives.Orphaned non-weaned kittens are considered unadoptable and require extensive 1:1 care. Lisa started reaching out to find those like her. Those who had a passion and desire to save kittens. “This non-profit is comprised of 3-4 volunteers who work around the clock doing everything humanly possible to save, rehab, and adopt out neonatal kittens.” – Brandie Dahm. “They do an AMAZING job in rescuing and helping kittens/cats and give great advice when needed.” – Elisa Velix ConCATulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who nominated a shelter or rescue!

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