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Welcome to World Domination

Day 1

Let me introduce myself. My name is Oscar. I’m a tri-colored stray born a couple months ago. Some may say I’m stubborn, but I say I’m just a cat who knows what he wants and when he wants it! My mom went out hunting one night a couple days ago, but she hasn’t returned. My brothers and sister and I are beginning to get hungry.

Day 2

I have been trapped. I heard the people who rescued me call it saved but I’m feeling scared and alone. They have brought me to a shelter and placed me in a cage with a soft thing, some food and a bowl filled with a white, milk-like substance. I’m still not sure what it is. I’m not going to go near it, but yet the fluffy thing taunts me with its fluffy texture and my stomach is beginning to growl. My eyes begin to close, I’m so tired and so hungry. I am tempted to lay on the fluffy thing, but I am a cat and we are stubborn, so not today, the humans will not win!

Day 3

The humans won (but shhh… don’t tell them that). Through the night I couldn’t take the hunger pangs anymore, so I tried the milk-like substance they had placed out for me. IT WAS AMAZING! I heard them talking that it was something called Breeder’s Edge Foster Care. I don’t know what that is or what it means, but all I know is it tastes delicious and my tummy feels great. Somehow, I may need to work this tasty substance into my plan of world domination. Stay tuned for more details on that in a bit!

Day 4

I have a new neighbor. It’s a kitten. It meows incessantly. I have noticed the humans have been feeding it the same Breeder’s Edge Foster Care that they have given me, only his is in a bottle. The humans set the bottle near the edge of my cage, so I reached my paw through the cage door and tried to steal it. I was unsuccessful and the humans slid it further away from me. I will work on coercing the kitten to sneak me some tonight once we are alone.

Day 5

Today I learned it’s not just cats here. Apparently those slobbery, stinky dog creatures live here too. I watched one of the dogs leave with new humans today. As he walked by my cage he said something about he is going to his forever home. I don’t know what that means so I hissed at him.  Dogs. *eye roll*

Day 6

Okay, I’ve learned the objective of this place is to find a new “family” of humans here. Great. I will hiss to make my negative sentiments known.

Day 7

I have been reprimanded for hissing at a new human. My other cat neighbor, Misty, said to make a list of things I’m great at for my future new family. I told her the family needs to make a list for me of why I should live with them. After all, I have plans of world domination where I, the cat, will rule the house. She said it didn’t matter what I want. I laid in the corner out of my bed in protest.

Day 8

Realizing I have no other way out of here, I’ve begun making a list of things I’m good at for my future humans.
  1. I’m excellent at stealing food.
  2. I’m a great hunter. I caught two mice a day.
  3. I someday plan to rule the world… it’s good to have future plans right?!?
  4. You will never see me as I enjoy being left alone. (Misty said this could be a negative.)
  5. I will save you from work by laying on your keyboard daily.
  6. I will keep my nails sharp on the furniture to prepare for battle. (Misty also said this could be a negative. I do not understand how.)

Day 9

A family of humans came in today. First, they stared at me, talked a bit, then pointed and said, we would like that one. They opened my cage door and tried to get me in a crate. I hesitated. And hesitated. And hesitated. How am I supposed to start my plan of world domination if I’m locked in a crate! Finally, they put more of the Breeder’s Edge Foster Care in a little bowl in the back of the crate. What an evil trick! I see through their plan… tempt me with the most delicious flavor I’ve experienced. But how can I resist. So I went in the cage and happily lapped it up. Then they took me in their car and brought me to their home. I see my plan of world domination is starting to take shape!

Day 10

My new forever home is amazing (but don’t tell the humans that). I want them to think that I am in control here. I think I’m going to like it here. The fluffy pillow they have near the window is calling to me now… I think I start my plan of world domination tomorrow. For now, it’s time to nap.

Day 11

So today I learned that one of my new humans works for a company called Revival Animal Health. He was in a meeting this morning over his computer and I overheard him mention something about September being Cat Meownth. I like the sounds of that and I have a feeling this will definitely help with my plans of world domination!

A Cat’s Plan For World Domination Starts with Breeder’s Edge Foster Care

In order to take over and rule the world, you must first have a full stomach and be feline good! Step one in my plan of world domination is to give away tubs of Breeder’s Edge Foster Care Feline Milk Replacer! Through the month of September, everyone is encouraged to nominate their favorite shelter or rescue for a chance for them to win a 20-pound tub of Foster Care Feline. Simply fill out the form and nominate your favorite shelter or rescue. And don’t forget to spread the word and share this giveaway with your friends. At the end of September, 10 different shelters and rescues who receive the most nominations will each win a 20-pound tub! Nominate A Shelter/Rescue Here! Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to announce the winners later this month! In the meantime, all you cats out there, stay healthy, stay pawsome and stay tuned for more updates as to when we will begin Step Two of our plan of Feline World Domination! Purrfectly Yours, Oscar the Cat

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