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Congratulations 2020 Cat Meownth Winners!

September was Cat Meownth at Revival. As we celebrated our feline friends all month long we asked you to tell us about your favorite shelter or rescue for a chance for them to win a 20-pound tub of Breeder’s Edge Feline Foster Care milk replacer. The response was Purrty Pawsome! We litter-ally had more than 5,500 nominations submitted, representing more than 1,000 different shelters and rescues. The response was so outstanding we decided that instead of just one winner, we would have 10! The 10 shelters and rescues that had the most nominations, each get a 20-pound tub of Breeder’s Edge Feline Foster Care. So without further ado, here are the winners and a little bit about each organization:

SCAT (Sharon’s Critter Action Team) -Gloucester, VA.

SCAT was founded in 2015 and is primarily a cat rescue and volunteer foster organization. The organization frequently works with cats that are faced with expensive veterinary care needs. After getting the cats the care they vet care they are then sent to partner rescue organizations for adoption. “SCAT works 24/7 saving cats and kittens that other rescues turn away. This group started with the dream of one woman and has grown to have members nationwide who jump in at a moment’s notice to make miracles happen.” -Charlene

First Ladies Farm & Sanctuary – Riverview, FL.

First Ladies Farm began with a goal of giving a home to stray cats. The cats are spayed or neutered, given a health check and provided with a home for as long as they live. “They don’t give up even with the most complicated situations. They fight so hard to give every animal a chance to live and experience love maybe for the first time in their lives.” -Alejandra

Grove City Pet Rescue – Grove City, PA.

Founded in 2002, Grove City Area Pet Rescue (GCAPR) rescues and helps manage the overpopulation of animals by educating pet owners. GCAPR is funded through community donations for the rescue, care, and fostering of animals in the local and surrounding communities. “Time and time again this rescue has taken in kittens.  Some of them with little to no chance at life.  They take in the hard cases. Right now they are trying to save the life of a kitten I call The Cat in the Plastic Bubble.  He is living in an incubator.” -Marcella

Itty Bitty Kitty City – Ellington, MO.

Itty Bitty Kitty City is a safe place and a neonatal kitten nursery where orphan and abandoned kittens can come to heal and patiently wait for their forever home. “Laura works a full-time job and runs this shelter diligently mostly at her own expense. She loves every kitty that comes through her shelter like it’s her own. Any kitty that goes through this shelter is blessed.” – Jean

AniMeals – Missoula, MT.

AniMeals mission is to house and feed as many animals as possible, to ease the suffering of the weak and unloved and to build a no-kill community. “This organization does so much for the animals in our community from taking in cats that no one else will, to feeding homeless animals. We were lucky enough to adopt a cat from their shelter who we love dearly. AniMeals is and has been a lifesaver for so many cats and dogs.” – Denise

KittyMOM Rescue – Kalispell, MT.

KittyMOM’s Rescue Organization is dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned, sick and stray cats and kittens by offering warmth, shelter, food, vet care, spaying and neutering and finding good responsible homes. “Darcy Albert who has been Kitty Mom for about 12 years saves almost 300 to 400 cats and kittens every year. Each cat or kitten she saves, they go to spay & neuter, have vaccines and microchipped. She is on call 24 hours a day and has saved cats from feral colonies, hoarder situations, crawled under bushes and trailers to pull out kittens who were hungry and crying. She works tirelessly every day. She has several foster moms to help her out and we all admire her greatly.” – Linda

MeoowzResQ – Orange, CA.

MeoowzResQ rescues abused, injured, or abandoned cats and kittens in the Southern California area. The kitties are hand raised in private homes and many are bottle-fed babies. “An absolutely amazing rescue that I volunteer with. Not only do they find homes for kittens and cats, but they also make sure they are furever homes! They host cat adoption events, have a fostering system, and do plenty more for their kittens and cats.” -April

Kaufman County Cats – Scurry, TX.

Kaufman County Cats offers a helping hand to stray and abandoned cats in need of rescue. The feline friends are given food, love, medical care, and a safe temporary home until an appropriate forever home is found. “In February 2020 I adopted a cat from Kaufman County Cats after losing my 19-year-old cat with renal failures. Lynn, the director, is truly dedicated to taking care of their cats and finding them the best home possible. It was a pleasure to work with Lynn and I truly appreciated and admired her work with all the animals. She helped me find the perfect cat for our family and now 7 months later Evy has adjusted well and is running our house to her specifications. Evy is the bright spot in my husband’s and my life now thanks to Lynn.” -Janice

Toledo Area Humane Society – Maumee, OH.

The Toledo Humane Society cares for nearly five thousand animals each year. Their vision is to create an educated, caring and responsible community free of animal abuse and neglect. “Toledo Humane Society is such a wonderful organization. They work so hard to make sure all animals that come through their doors receive the care they deserve. They go above and beyond every single day.” -Liz

NC Paws Rescue – Hickory, NC.

The mission of NC Paws Rescue is to help furry feline friends find their forever homes. Whether it be rescuing from high kill shelters, the streets, or an abusive home, this organization takes careful consideration when finding homes for these kitties. “I adopted my cat from NC Paws three years ago. Two years later I found a baby kitten at Walmart in a box. I contacted NC Paws and they came out immediately in the middle of the night to pick it up. They shared photos of that kitten as she grew old enough and strong enough to adopt out. If it wasn’t for them, that baby probably would have died in that box without ever having a chance. This is just one of the many cats they rescue, but this one means the most to me because I’ve never seen the journey from being found; to being adopted and it was amazing to be a part of.” -Crystal ConCATulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who nominated a shelter or rescue!

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