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Big Support for a Small Dog in Labor

Sarah loves her Bichons. She started with one in 2017 and now has four dogs, Tasha Joy, Ginger Baby, Papa Tully and Wea. Wea, the smallest, weighs just eight pounds.

A Small Dog in Labor… and Problems

In early 2022, Wea became pregnant with her first litter and as the due date approached, Sarah became concerned. “I knew she was in trouble when she lost interest in eating,” Sarah recalls. Even with all her coaxing, Sarah couldn’t get Wea to eat tuna or any other food she normally liked. Sarah knew that Wea’s small size added to delivery difficulties. On her due date, her labor was long, and she began to lose strength. Fortunately, a friend told Sarah about Revival, and Sarah did her research ahead of time so she was ready. “I read the articles in the Revival Animal Health catalog about pregnancy and whelping and the benefits of the high calorie nutritional supplement Doc Roy’s® Forti Cal™. I decided to get some, just to have on hand in case I needed it,” she shared.

Helping the Whelping

When Wea started having difficulties during whelping, Sarah turned to the Forti Cal™. “I used a syringe to give her a dose of Forti Cal™ and Wea started to perk up. I felt so relieved!” Wea came through the delivery, along with one of her pups. “I love the Forti Cal™ for the energy it gives. I feel I would have lost Wea during labor without the Forti Cal™,” she says. After Wea’s first litter, Sarah continued her learning and discovered Revival’s Breeder’s Edge® products, including Breeder’s Edge Oral Cal Plus™ gel for dogs in labor. “Calcium gel, such as Oral Cal Plus, supports consistent, productive contractions. Moving through the labor process quickly will leave mom with more energy to take care of her newborns,” says Revival’s Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer.

Ready for the Next Litter

So when Wea had her second litter of pups, Sarah gave her Oral Cal Plus™ during delivery to support Wea’s contractions and give her a boost of energy. “I was so happy that her delivery was so much easier with the Oral Cal Plus,” Sarah recalls. She also gave Wea’s puppies Breeder’s Edge® Nurture Mate™, a colostrum supplement, which she said has done wonders for them. “I put a little Nurture Mate™ on my finger and the little puppies taste it and latch on. Then after delivery, I added some Oral Cal Plus™ powder to Wea’s food to boost her calcium and help her with nursing. I noticed such a positive difference in Wea and her puppies,” Sarah says. “Wea is a high energy dog. It is beautiful to give her a bit of Breeder’s Edge® Oral Cal Plus™ on my finger and see her relax and lay down to nurse and clean the newborns. Any time I notice the babies aren’t perfectly clean, I give a bit her a bit of Oral Cal Plus™ and in no time, she gets the energy to clean them as white as baby Bichons should be.”

Success for Another Dog

Sarah’s daughter, Esther, discovered similar results when her German Shepherd, Quynn, quit eating several weeks before her due date. Quynn was given Forti Cal™ three times a day, and also during delivery when she got tired. “It perked her up!” Sarah said. Afterward, Esther also provided Quynn with Oral Cal Plus powder on her food, as well as Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Momma™, a post-natal supplement for dogs, while Quynn nursed.

Remaining Ready

Sarah believes the supplements have made a huge difference in the lives of all the dogs, and she believes they can help others, too. “Preventing problems is important. Make sure you have the products on hand that you need to keep mom and her newborns healthy and strong.”

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