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Vetbond™ Tissue Adhesive




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  • Vetbond™ binds wound edges together so natural healing can occur
  • Seals wounds within seconds
  • Contains a blue dye to see where and how much has been applied
  • Recommended for dew claws, minor lacerations, and abrasions
  • Made in USA

Vetbond™ is used to bind tissue together for veterinary procedures so natural healing can occur. Vetbond™ adhesive changes from liquid to solid state by polymerizing within seconds to seal the wound. Contains a blue dye so you can see where it's been applied and gauge how much has been used. The adhesive stops minor bleeding and binds wound edges. It may eliminate the need for sutures/bandages in some instances. Recommended for dew claws, minor lacerations, abrasions, suture/staple line sealing, tooth extractions, and oral surgeries. Vetbond™ also acts as a barrier to keep foreign matter from entering the wound. Each 3 ml bottle contains approximately 150 drops. Made in USA.

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For animal use only.
Not for human use.

Each 3 ml bottle contains approximately 150 drops.

Avoid skin and eye contact to prevent adhesion

Product may be refrigerated or frozen to extend shelf life before opening.
Store bottle upright on a shelf in a cool, dry place (away from heat). Maintain product at room temperature during use. After opening, do not return product to refrigerator.
Must be used at room temperature. Do not heat.

Remove bottle cap. To open, cut off bottle tip with scissors or blade. Place flexible applicator tip on bottle.

Vetbond™ adhesive may be used between stainless steel staples, but application of adhesive on staples may interfere with staple removal.

When finished, remove excess adhesive in vial tip by holding the bottle upright and gently squeeze single drop of adhesive out of tip onto paper towel. Wipe bottle with same paper towel. Replace bottle cap. Expel adhesive from applicator tip by pushing air through it from a standard syringe.
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