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Nobivac® 1-Rabies with tags




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  • This product is available by prescription only.
  • Due to federal and state laws, we cannot accept returns on prescription items.
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  • Helps prevent rabies in cats, dogs and ferrets
  • Killed virus
  • Includes rabies tags

Please Note:

  • * Don't forget to order needles and syringes.
  • * Vaccines are non-returnable.
  • * Rabies laws vary from state to state. Before purchasing, check with your state and local laws to ensure you can legally administer rabies vaccine to your animals. In many cases, a licensed veterinarian or technician under the supervision of a veterinarian must administer the vaccine for it to be recognized by local or state agencies.
  • * Rabies vaccines can only be sold to the following states: AZ, CO, DE, FL, KY, LA, MA, MI, OH, PA, SD, VA, WI. State laws change often so this list cannot be considered complete.

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