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NeoPar® Parvo Vaccine for Dogs, 10 dose vial




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  • NeoPar® induces protection against Parvovirus, the most lethal and prevalent viral disease of dogs
  • Stimulates antibody production in the presence of existing maternal antibodies
  • Provides maximum protection and a long duration of immunity
  • Modified live virus
  • Injectable vaccination
  • Not guaranteed to come with stickers
  • Made in the USA
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Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus, but you can protect against the contraction and spread of this potentially lethal disease with the NeoPar® Parvo Vaccine for dogs.

What is the NeoPar® Dog Vaccine?

This 10-dose parvo vaccine for puppies has a high antigen mass and gives more vaccine units per dose, so there is a shorter period between vaccination and protection. It also provides a longer immunity duration and higher protection level. This vaccine is safe for puppies, so healthy dogs 6 weeks and older would benefit from it.

The NeoPar® Parvo Dog Vaccine uses a modified live version of the parvovirus and stimulates antibody production in a dog's body, even when maternal antibodies exist. Dogs under 18 weeks old should receive the initial dose and have additional boosters every two to three weeks until they are 18 weeks old. The maternal antibodies could interfere with the vaccine in young dogs, so giving them a booster ensures the vaccine stays in their system. Dogs over 18 weeks old only need one dose.

Discuss with your veterinarian if the NeoPar® vaccine for dogs is the best option for your pup before giving it to them. The NeoPar® Parvo dog vaccine also recommends annual revaccination, so you can consult with your vet about giving it each year. Get your NeoPar® Parvo Vaccine at Revival Animal Health today!

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Other NeoPar® Parvo Vaccines:

For dog use only.
Do not freeze.
Shake the vaccine vial well before using.
Use a new and nonchemically sterilized needle and syringe every time.
Use all contents when first opened.
Store the vaccine in temperatures between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
Burn all the containers and unused contents to dispose of them.
Not guaranteed to come with stickers.
  • Recommended for the vaccination of healthy dogs 42 days of age or older.
  • Shake well. Aseptically inject 1 ml subcutaneously or intramuscularly into healthy dogs.
  • Administer the initial dose at or about 42 days of age.
  • Because there is potential for maternal antibody to interfere with the immune response, revaccinate every 14 to 21 days until the dog is 18 weeks of age.
  • Dogs over 18 weeks of age should receive a single dose (1 ml).
  • Annual revaccination with one dose is recommended.
  • Contains gentamicin and amphotericin B as preservatives.
  • Vaccinate only healthy, non-parasitized dogs.
  • Do not vaccinate pregnant bitches.
  • In case of anaphylaxis: epinephrine, corticosteroids, and antihistamines may all be indicated depending on the nature and severity of the reaction.
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