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  • Easily analyze semen quality on the go or in a lab
  • Fertility test for male dogs, horses, cattle, swine and more
  • Calculates sperm quality, concentration, motility and more
  • Species apps available for free download
  • Portable and compact design

iSperm is the first mini/mobile computer-assisted professional semen analyzer (mCASA) for animals. Easily monitor male animal fertility. iSperm calculates sperm concentration, progressive motility, total motility, sperm kinetics and number of doses and extender needed (10 seconds per sample).

The iSperm analyzer offers semen calculations for a variety of species including dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and swine. Capable of analyzing semen qualities for various species, iSperm provides the flexibility to be adapted to economic, companion, and endangered animals.

The iSperm analyzer allows you to monitor an animals semen quality in a lab or on the go. iSperm mCASA brings you the highest mobility and flexibility. With the weight of a laptop and the size of a briefcase, iSperm mCASA is a portable and professional semen analyzer. You can now perform rapid screening in the field, and work on sophisticated examinations in the lab. Access and manage all your data quickly and accurately on your smartphone, laptop, and PC by just logging in to your iSperm Cloud account whenever you want and wherever you are.

Each iSperm kit comes with:

  • 50 non-reusable sampling chips- The chips are where you place the semen for sampling and testing to use in the system. Additional chips can be purchased separately.
  • Stand
  • Heater – to prevent cold shock. Heats up in under a minute.
  • Pipettes
  • Case
  • Serial Number
  • Manual

*Does NOT include an iPad Mini 6. Must purchase iPad separately. Species apps can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

The iSperm analyzer helps provide information that veterinarians and breeders need in daily practice. With results in as little as 10 seconds the iSperm allows for rapid screening in the field, and work on sophisticated examinations in the lab. A moving sperm doesn’t guarantee its fertility. iSperm mCASA labels sperms in various colors based on their swimming tracks. Advanced sperm kinetics such as velocity and straightness are also calculated automatically. You can now clearly see the movement of every single sperm, and cross-reference with your evaluation. With the iSperm, you can clearly understand the behaviors of the sperms through the labeled sperm tracks.

When shipping semen, iSperm mCASA makes it easier by calculating the extender volume for use to dilute an ejaculate precisely and automatically. In side by side comparisons with CASA system, Nucleocounter and Hemacytomer (cell) counts verify accuracy of iSperm motility and concentration readings. The iSperm has a portable and compact design that allows for easy integration into any system. iSperm kits only work on and require an iPad Mini 6 (*iPad Mini 6 not included).

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Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Does not include iPad Mini 6. iPad must be purchased separately.
Use iPad Mini 6 for bovine (cattle), canine (dog), ovine (sheep), equine (horse), swine (pig) and caprine (goats).
iSperm FAQs:
Q: What is iSperm mCASA?
A: An iPad-based semen analysis tool for breeders that calculates semen motility and concentration and digitizes records for retention in the cloud.

Q: How Does the iSperm mCASA Work?
A: The manufacturer has provided a great introductory video explaining how to use the iSperm Equine.
Q: Do I need to provide my own iPad?
A: Yes, the iSperm is compatible with an iPad Mini 6, which you provide. Once you buy the iSperm hardware, simply download the iSperm app from the Apple App Store and register with the serial number found on the iSperm box.

Q: How Does the iSperm Determine Motility and Concentration?
A: Algoriths built into the app use the iPad Mini 6 camera to identify sperm cells and their movement.

Q: Can iSperm analyze semen from other species?
A: Yes, additional iSperm apps are available for download to analyze caprine, bovine, canine, ovine, swine, murine, cervine and poltury species. All apps are avaiable in the app store for download and compatible with the iSperm hardware.

Q: Can I send the data from the iSperm to my client?
A: Yes, a screenshot can be sent at any time. Data stored in the iSperm Cloud can also be exported to a spreadsheet for distribution.

Q: Does the iSperm analyze extended semen?
A: Yes, the iSperm can analyze both raw and extended semen. iSperm is a great tool to evaluate and document semen quality for fresh and cooled semen. The included heater can be used like a stage warmer to warm up the cooled semen sample.

iSperm Manual
For use on bovine (cattle), canine (dog), ovine (sheep), equine (horse), swine (pig), caprine (goats).
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