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Greyhound Vintage Comb




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  • Nickel-plated steel tines are rounded for a gentle touch
  • Features both coarse side and medium side
  • Has 11 tines per inch on coarse side and 8 tines per inch on the other
Greyhound Vintage Comb is nickel plated and 7.875" long with rounded 1.375"L tines to get through the thickest of coats. Coarse side spacing has 8 tines per inch, while the medium side has 11 tines per inch. The narrow 1.375" long tines are riveted through the spine of the comb and easily penetrate the thickest of coats. This comb is designed for use on small to medium-sized dogs and long-haired cats too.
Measures: 7.875"L

Features 8 tines per inch on one end and 11 tines per inch on the other end.
Grooming Tips:
  1. Regular combing of your pet's coat will remove dead, loose hair and give your pet a professionally groomed look.
  2. It may be necessary to use a coarse comb as an initial grooming step-particularly where mats, tangles, etc. exist. Work through these before going to a fine or medium comb.
  3. Be patient and gentle with your pet and avoid yanking out their hair-you know how that hurts!
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