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Vitamins for Breeding Female Dogs

What vitamins are good for female dogs fertility? While female dogs within a single kennel may cycle at different times of the year, individuals should be predictable from cycle to cycle. Each dog should have a consistent cycle, whelping at the same from year to year. If your dog struggles with inconsistent heat cycles, a heavy vaginal discharge or smelly odor to her discharge, she may have a vitamin deficiency.

Do Dog Moms Need Vitamins

If the time in between heat cycles last longer than six to seven months, your female will benefit from vitamin supplementation. If the intervals are predictably six to seven months, which is a normal duration, you do not need supplements. However, some breeds may cycle twice a year or once a year. Each female should be managed individually. Dams need a minimum of 4.5 months between heat cycles to have the uterus prepared for a pregnancy. Pushing her to cycle more frequently will not increase the number of litters a year.

A customer came to us with a problem: their average heat cycle was over nine months. We suggested implementing daily vitamins. After re-evaluating the kennel, we found they now average six to seven months as predicted. The kennel owners admitted that they doubted we could help their females, but they were delighted with the results! For the first time, they knew when females would be in, and that helps breeding. Proper vitamin supplementation makes knowing when a female will cycle so we can be better prepared.

Female Dog Vitamins

Breeding female dogs have higher nutritional demands than other dogs, and vitamins can help us keep her healthy. Breeder’s Edge® In Between for Her vitamins will help mom restore any nutrient deficiency quickly after weaning. No need for a prenatal vitamin between cycles. Instead use Breeder’s Edge® B Strong Powder or Breeder’s Edge® In Between for Her between cycles to successfully supplement dietary vitamins. When mom is ready to cycle again, we want her as healthy as possible to ensure a solid heat and a successful breeding. If mom doesn’t get enough vitamins before pregnancy, she may give you a small litter or no litter at all.

Prenatal Vitamins for Dogs

Do pregnant female dogs need vitamins? The answer is Yes. A female dog’s vitamin and mineral requirements elevate during pregnancy and nursing. Females can store some vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, and use them during pregnancy. Once pregnant, the female will deplete the vitamins and minerals to maintain and raise the litter, pulling nutrients out of her tissues, bones, and teeth. Prenatal vitamins, like Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Mate Prenatal, keep that deficiency to a minimum.

Because mom must produce enough milk to nourish all of her puppies, her body’s calorie and nutrient demands reach a lifetime high. Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Momma is designed to supply the nursing mother with vitamins/herbs needed to bring her into milk and keep her milking! Many breeders do a great job supporting moms during pregnancy; however, maintaining this support during lactation and recovery from whelping is vital for future pregnancies. Mother Nature makes sure the current pregnancy does not suffer, but issues will show up during the next pregnancy. Cycling problems, weak heats, and struggles to get pregnant can occur – all of which are preventable with proper vitamin supplementation during a mom’s previous pregnancy. Breeders’ Edge® Breed to Wean is another supplement option. Breed to Wean contains vitamins and minerals to help fill some of those nutritional gaps from breeding through weaning. Breed to Wean is similar to Oxy Mate and Oxy Momma however, the Oxy products contain amino acids, herbs and antioxidants in addition to the vitamins and minerals she needs.

Supplements and Puppy Loss

Puppies are born with all the red blood cells (RBCs) they will have until six weeks, when they begin to make RBCs for themselves. As the puppy grows, their size double every 10 days, but their RBCs do not change until six weeks. Supplementing mom with the needed vitamins and iron ensures that babies are born with as many RBCs as possible and gives puppies that fight to live! Failing to provide mom with enough vitamins and iron will cause anemic, weak puppies.

How Can I Keep My Mother Dog Healthy

Managing female dogs is all about getting the sire and dam’s genetics to the next generation. A consistent, predictable, fertile heat cycle is the basis of getting that done, and in today’s kennel, that requires added vitamins. When we take better care of mom, she comfortably raises better puppies – and more of them! We give vitamins to dog moms to keep them as healthy as they can be; this way, they will then deliver puppies as healthy as puppies can be!

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Article originally written by Donald Bramlage, DVM, Revival’s Former Director of Veterinary Services. This article has been updated/reviewed by Dr. Greer.

Written by: Marty Greer, DVM

Director of Veterinary Services

Marty Greer, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, has 40+ years’ experience in veterinary medicine, with special interests in canine reproduction and pediatrics. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University in 1981. She’s served as Revival’s Director of Veterinary Services since 2019. In 2023, Dr. Greer was named the Westminster Kennel Club Veterinarian of the Year.

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