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Multivitamins or Prenatals for Pregnant Dogs: What Vitamins Should I Give My Pregnant Dog?

“Is Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Mate™ Prenatal different than daily vitamins? And should we give Oxy Mate Prenatal instead of the Daily Care multivitamin or both?” What should I give my dog if she’s pregnant?

It’s questions like this that I am ready and happy to answer. Don’t get me wrong, a daily multivitamin is very good for momma dog-to-be. There is nothing wrong with continuing to use daily vitamins throughout pregnancy but you do not need to do both.

What is in a Prenatal Vitamin for Dogs?

When a dog becomes pregnant there are vitamins and minerals that need to be ‘upped’ to fill momma’s need for healthy pups; for example, folic acid and iron. A pregnant dog will deplete the vitamins and minerals in her body in order to maintain the litter. This means pulling nutrients out of her own tissues, bones, and teeth. Pregnant dog prenatal vitamins, keep that deficiency in mom to a minimum. If mom doesn’t have enough nutrients to give, the babies are born anemic and weak and may struggle with nursing. Dog prenatal vitamins such as Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Mate™ Prenatal are the ideal way for moms and their developing babies to get that extra boost.

What Are the Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins for Dogs & Do Dogs Need Them?

Prenatal vitamins for dogs are the ideal way for moms to get that ‘extra boost.’ Babies need vitamins for their growth and development, these all must come from mom. If mom isn’t healthy, why would the puppies be? Due to her increased metabolism, she needs the additional vitamins, minerals and herbs that work directly for the purpose of having healthy puppies! Some females need more of something than others, but using prenatals ensures all females have the chance to have healthy babies.

Customers tell me when the pups are born, there is a noticeable difference in litters born on prenatals. When mom is given prenatals, pups are just healthier. Their immune systems aren’t dragging and they are up and nursing like troopers. They aren’t born underweight and have to catch up. Moms are also ready and have plenty of milk.

Should I Give Vitamins to My Pregnant Dog?

Developing puppies need vitamins and minerals for brain organ and eye development, red blood cell, muscle and bone growth.

Is Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Mate™ Prenatal Different Than Daily Vitamins?

Pregnant dogs have increased vitamin needs that typical daily vitamins may not be supplying. A dog daily vitamin such as Breeder’s Edge® In Between for Her has 23 key vitamins and minerals and is designed specifically for breeding female dogs and cats to help fill nutritional gaps between breedings. In Between for Her contains B vitamins to maintain a healthy reproductive system, calcium for bone health, biotin for healthy skin and coat, and iron as a blood builder. Meanwhile, another dog vitamin, Doc Roy’s® Daily Care contains 34 essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and it is good if you do not want to switch up your routine.

But when she is pregnant, I suggest Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Mate™ Prenatal. Oxy Mate is fortified with iron, folic acid, zinc, amino acids, antioxidants and selected herbs that are formulated for the specific nutritional needs of a pregnant dog and her developing embryos. It comes in meat or soft chew and you can start these before they are bred and continue right up to when they whelp.

Three days before whelping, start the new moms to be on the Breeder’s Edge® Oxy Momma™. Check these products out as we’ve had great feedback with results!

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Written by: Cynthia

Former Revival Pet Care Pro

Cynthia is a former Revival Pet Care Pro. She lived on a farm with all sorts of animals for much of her life. It was there she raised Labradors and created her own rescue for drop-offs. She's had pet dogs and cats and a four-legged grandbaby Labrador.

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