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How to Collect Seminal Fluid From a Dog

In this Vet Minute, Revival’s Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer, talks about artificial insemination for dogs and how to collect seminal fluid. If you have more questions on how to do canine artificial insemination, call us at 800.786.4751.

How to Collect Seminal Fluid From a Dog

Dog Sperm Collection Tools

Canine artificial insemination can be a successful breeding tool, when done correctly. To perform canine artificial insemination you will need the following tools – non-latex gloves, Breeder’s Edge® Collect Him Pipettes and Collection Cones, Breeder’s Edge OB Lube non-spermicidal lubricating jelly and a semen safe syringe. Male dogs will collect better if there is a female dog in heat you can use as a teaser.

How to Collect Sperm from a Dog

The male dog should be on a non-slip surface in a quiet room with few distractions. Having one person hold the female dog steady is very helpful. The person holding the male should hold him with a loose leash, avoiding pulling back on his collar if he attempts to mount the female. There should be minimal talking.

Allow the male to approach the female’s rear end, avoiding allowing her to swing around and startle him. Gently slide the prepuce, the skin covering the penis, back to expose the bulb of the penis. Slide the lubricated collection sleeve onto his penis and hold gentle steady pressure above the bulb of the penis to encourage an erection. Allow him to thrust or if he needs encouragement, stimulate above the bulb of the penis. The second part of the collection, cloudy with sperm, is the portion of the collection you should keep. Avoid collecting urine or semen with blood. Once the sperm-rich fraction is collected, remove the sleeve and lubricate his penis with Breeder’s Edge OB Lube so he can comfortably retract his penis into the prepuce sheath. Assure there is no hair caught in the skin, which can lead to pain or damage to the penis. Prior to canine insemination, perform an analysis of the semen.

Written by: Marty Greer, DVM

Director of Veterinary Services

Marty Greer, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, has 40+ years’ experience in veterinary medicine, with special interests in canine reproduction and pediatrics. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University in 1981. She’s served as Revival’s Director of Veterinary Services since 2019. In 2023, Dr. Greer was named the Westminster Kennel Club Veterinarian of the Year.

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