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Time Saving Dog Breeding Kennel Tips

We understand that a lot of work goes into caring for your dogs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save some time and energy, while still effectively caring for them? Here are some tips to help you save some of that oh-so-valuable commodity: Time!

  1. When medicating multiple dogs, add a couple drops of blue food coloring to the water in Lixit water bottles. This is a great way to know at a glance and keep track of who is receiving medication and who is not. This is especially helpful when you have others helping in your facility.
  2. Raised kennel flooring not only helps you clean faster, but it can also help to lower the risk of Giardia and other parasites, saving you treatment time.
  3. Giving oral calcium such as Breeder’s Edge Oral Cal Plus gel to a mom when she starts whelping, and then after every other puppy is born, has shown to shorten whelping time in some cases by helping mom maintain strong normal contractions.
  4. Automatic feeders allow quick handling and keep food off the floor, keeping it clean. When you add food quickly and easily, you have more time to spend interacting with your dogs!
  5. Water automation with nipple waterers is a great time-saver. The water pipes run outside the containment and the nipple sticks through the pen. Fresh water is only a lick away and care for the system is minimal.
  6. Being prepared with an emergency kit saves you the trouble of running for products. This also saves time and lives! Must-haves include dry electrolytes such as Breeder’s Edge Puppy Lyte to bottle feed a litter or put in front of a sick adult. Your kit should also include tissue glue for any cut you need to seal. Other items such as syringes, wraps and antibiotics are also convenient to have on hand. It is not an emergency if you have the products to fix the issue.
  7. Include behavior information in your puppy pack. The biggest complaints from new owners are house-training, biting and difficulty with routine care, like walking and nail trimming. Providing basic and important information avoids unhappy puppy parents. Revival has a guide called My Puppy Guide, which goes through the steps of managing a new puppy in your home for the first 30 to 60 days. It is written specifically for owners who are guiding a new puppy through the new home process. In addition, the book Your Pandemic Puppy is written by Dr. Marty Greer and is designed to help families and puppy’s adjust to changes and a new home.
  8. Use time saving tools to help find the pet products you need fast:

Whelping Kit Button
Vaccine Finder Button
Flea and Tick Finder button

Thinking outside the box, you can save yourself valuable time. Try implementing some of these tips in your facility and see how much time you can save! Let us know if you have other time-saving tips.

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Shelley Hexom

Written by: Shelley Hexom

Shelley is Revival's Content Manager and helps develop educational pet health resources. A three-time Emmy Award-winning news anchor, Shelley works with Revival's Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, to help create useful and easy-to-understand articles, videos, and webinars. Shelley received her bachelor degree in Mass Communications from Winona State University in 2002. As a pet owner, Shelley enjoys time with her Boxer mix, Sally. Shelley has been part of the Revival Paw Squad since 2016.

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