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How to Get a Dog to Gain Weight

My dog needs to gain weight, what do I do? I once helped a customer who was having trouble getting her dog to gain some weight. The animal had been sick and, as a result, lost its appetite and didn’t want to eat. She had tried feeding the dog different kinds of dog food to get the animal to eat. I suggested giving the dog a little chicken broth or Parmesan cheese. She told me after she did this, the dog took off eating and continued eating every time she put it on top of the food.

After the dog started eating well again, I told her to add some Doc Roy’s Absorb More to its food to help with weight gain. This digestive enzyme allows the dog’s body to absorb all the nutrition from their food, which means all the fats and proteins. As an added calorie booster, I also suggested adding in Doc Roy’s Forti Cal Liquid to the dog’s diet for the next few months to help its weight return to a healthy level.

While a dog that won’t eat is frustrating, sometimes you just have to find that secret little trick to get them back in the mood for mealtime. Chicken broth, parmesan cheese or some canned cat or dog food to increase their appetite tend to do the trick! If you need help with helping a dog gain weight, give me a call at 800.786.4751.

Written by: Lori P.

Revival Pet Care Pro

Lori is a Pet Care Pro who has been with Revival Animal Health since 2006. She is the proud owner of two Labradors, Bear and Jo and she also has a toy Aussie named Rudy.

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