Forti Cal for Fast Energy

Some animals require extra energy to live their best lives. Whether you’re helping pregnant moms, caring for tiny puppies and kittens, or working with active dogs, knowing when to give an energy supplement may end up saving a life!

When you need that extra boost of energy or high concentration of calories, use a high energy supplement like Doc Roy’s Forti Cal®. Forti Cal is formulated with high-demand animals in mind and comes in gel, granules and chews so you can easily mix it with food or feed on-the-go. These options ensure that a variety of animals accept Forti Cal. Considering a few situations in which Forti Cal is beneficial may help you decide if it is right for your animals.


Some moms – especially smaller cats and dogs or moms with large litters – get worn out quickly when giving birth. Since they don’t eat during labor, using Forti Cal gel can boost their energy and help them finish strong. The Forti Cal gel is rapidly absorbed and won’t cause nausea during their contractions.

Nursing Babies

Try Forti Cal gel on the slow or tiny puppy or kitten to give them an energy boost before they nurse. Wipe a small amount in their mouth and then get them on their mom quickly to help them nurse with more vigor. The result is a healthy baby with a full tummy.

Growing Babies

When they are growing, kittens, small dogs and puppies can burn off lots of energy fast. Providing supplemental energy for those fur-covered bundles keeps them from having low energy problems and prevents them from becoming hypoglycemic. Feeding them granules or soft chews as a treat keeps their glucose levels up and allows fat-burning efficiency in the liver.

Forti Cal can also be a great asset for new dog owners. Not only does the growing baby receive the high calorie and energy supplementation they need to keep developing, giving Forti Cal two to three times a day helps the new owner engage with their baby. Giving a little bit of Forti Cal gel each time acquaints the puppy with their new family’s presence and touch, which is vital as they build a connection with their new home.

Working Dog Energy Booster

The first few times out in the fall, hunting dogs may come down with hypoglycemia. Dogs are sometimes more excited than their owners and tend to hunt until they exhaust all the glucose in their bloodstream. They’ll start staggering or fall down and may have seizures in severe cases. To remedy this, call the dogs in several times an hour and give them a few Doc Roy’s Forti Cal soft chews. This allows your dog’s liver to maintain its glucose levels without over-taxing the system.

Some dogs may be reluctant to eat their normal food in an unfamiliar, high-energy or stressful environment. Whether your pet’s uncomfortable with traveling or excited before a show, a tasty, high calorie Forti Cal chew will keep them nourished until they calm down.

Not every dog or cat needs a high calorie energy supplement, but those who do can benefit greatly. With gel, chews and granules to appeal to even the pickiest eaters, we’re happy to help you find the product that will work best for your animals. If you have more questions on how to give your dog an energy boost, give us a call at 800.786.4751.

If you need help, call us at 800.786.4751.