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About Breeder’s Edge

As a breeder, the challenges you face are different than the average pet owner. From staying up all night with a first-time mom, to bottle feeding a struggling newborn around-the-clock, you work hard for the animals in your care. The health and well-being of your males, females and newborns are your top priority, and it’s ours too.

Breeder’s Edge is the leading brand dedicated to making sure you have what you need for successful a breeding. Our products fit together like a system, to help give each dog and cat the Edge they need at every stage of their reproductive lives.

Discover Your Edge
Her Edge

Specialized support for normal heat cycles, healthy lactation, and everything in between. Give your females the support they need at every stage.

His Edge

Support him with the nutrients he needs for normal, healthy sperm production, energy, and endurance to get the job done.

His Edge
Newborn Edge

From milk replacers to colostrum supplements, give your newborns the strong start they deserve.

Support Health

Nutritional formulas designed to provide targeted support where needed most.

The Necessities

What every breeder needs on hand for every litter. Umbilical care supplies, newborn-safe wipes, ID collars, and more.

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