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  • WITNESS™ LH Test determines ovulation
  • Improves procedure scheduling
  • Increases conception rates
  • Predicts whelping dates
  • Assesses ovarian status
Test Kits are non-returnable.

Unsuccessful breedings often result from improper ovulating timing. The true fertile period is short (48-72 hours), and it is difficult to identify without the use of hormonal tests. The WITNESS™ LH Test has a proven variety of uses in multiple species. Use it to determine ovulation, improve procedure scheduling, increase conception rates, predict whelping dates and assess ovarian status. The WITNESS™ LH test provides an accurate, semi-quantitative measurement of canine and feline luteinizing hormone (LH). The test identifies the day of the LH surge, which actually triggers ovulation. Ovulation occurs two days after the LH surge. Recommended in instances where there are factors present that could adversely affect conception rates. These instances include chilled/extended semen breedings, frozen semen breedings, bitches with a history of infertility, stud dogs with low semen quality, and limited access to the stud dog. The test is simple to perform and rapidly provides information for the veterinary clinician. Includes test device and pipette. No returns on test kits.

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Store kit at 2°C to 25°C or 35°F to 77°F. Do not freeze.
The foil pouch containing the test device and pipette should not be opened prior to running the test.
Keep the device flat during testing. Do not disturb the device while the test is being conducted.
WITNESS™ LH will remain stable until expiration date provided that the kit has been stored properly.
Directions for Use: Collect blood sample into a plain (red top) vacutainer or serum separator tube. Allow to clot and centrifuge sample. Transfer serum to a clean glass or polypropylene tube. Serum must be free of red cells, clots and visible debris. Allow serum sample to come to room temperature before testing. Apply 3 drops of serum into well "1" using the provided pipette. Wait 20 minutes. Determine results - Negative: Test Line "2" is not evident or lighter than Control Line "3"; Positive: Test Line "2" is darker than or similar to Control Line "3".
For use in dogs and cats.
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