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Winged Infusion Set



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  • Easily give IV medication or draw blood
  • Designed for less risk of vessel damage
  • Soft and flexible wings
  • Includes a 12 inch tube
  • Sterile and non-toxic

Sorry, needles and syringes cannot be shipped to Delaware, New York, and Miami-Dade County, FL, without a prescription.

We cannot ship needles and syringes to the US Virgin Islands.

A limit of 10 needles or syringes may be sent to Connecticut, Minnesota & New Jersey.

A limit of 100 needles or syringes may be sent to Illinois.

If you have a prescription, certificate of need or require further assistance, please call us at 800.786.4751.

The soft and flexible wings on the Winged Infusion Set make it easier and safer to give IV medication or draw blood. The wings allow the needle to be securely taped into place and the angled needle makes for easy positioning during venipuncture, creating less of a risk of vessel damage. Includes a 12 inch tube. Sterile, single-use and non-toxic. Pyrogen free.

Can be used with both LL and RL syringe ports. Works with Porous Tape.
Cautions: Do not use if the package is previously opened or damaged. For single use only. Do not re-sterilize or reuse.

Discard after use.

Needle size: 23g x ¾ inch

Tube length: 12 inches

Butterfly wing color: Blue
For single use. Discard after use.
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