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10 mg, 30 ct


In Stock
0.05 lb
30 mg, 30 ct
  • This product is available by prescription only.
  • Due to federal and state laws, we cannot accept returns on prescription items.
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  • May be useful in treating pituitary or adrenal-dependent hyperadrenocorticism, also known as Cushing's syndrome, in dogs.
  • Also indicated for the treatment of hyperadrenocorticism due to adrenocortical tumors in dogs.
Vetoryl® is the only drug approved for the treatment of both pituitary and adrenal-dependent hyperadrenocorticism, also known as Cushing's syndrome. This drug works by stopping the production of cortisol in the adrenal glands, and while there is no cure for Cushing's syndrome, Vetoryl helps manage the condition.

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Side Effects:
Side effects of Vetoryl may include depression, lethargy or decrease in activity, change in bowel movements (such as diarrhea or loose stools), vomiting, stops eating or loses all interest in food, weakness and collapse.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you think your dog has a medical problem or side effect from Vetoryl.

Do not use if your dog has kidney or liver disease.

Use caution in taking Vetoryl with medications used to treat heart disease including diuretics and ACE inhibitors.

Do not use in pregnant dogs.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human use. Wash hands after use. Do not open capsules and do not attempt to split or divide capsules. Do not handle the capsules if pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Disposal of Unused Prescription Medications

  1. Return unwanted or unused medications to Revival Animal Health in person, or visit to find a pharmacy near you.
  2. A secondary method of drug disposal is to remove the unwanted medication from any wrappers or containers and place it in a plastic bag with moist coffee grounds or cat litter. This can be disposed of in the regular garbage collection.
  3. Please do NOT dispose of unwanted meds down the drain or toilet, as this may eventually find its way into the human water supply.

Learn more about disposal of unused prescription medications here.

Disposal of Medical Sharps

  1. When you're finished with the syringe and needle, do not try to recap, remove, bend or break the needle. This is where most injuries occur.
  2. Dispose the syringe and needle immediately in a nearby sharps container. All sharps must be deposited in a puncture-proof container. Make sure your storage location is child and animal proof.
  3. As with all product handling, make sure you wash your hands after handling medical sharps.

Disposal of Sharps Container

  1. When your sharps container is half-full, sift dry Portland Cement throughout the sharps. Fill the container with water, and rotate until the cement is mixed and the sharps have been distributed throughout the cement mixture. Let cement dry for 24 hours.
  2. Seal the lid of the container tightly and use duct tape to seal. Label the container "Livestock Sharps" to properly identify the contents.
  3. Dispose of the containers in accordance with your state's regulations.

Our pharmacy hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. − 4:30 p.m. CST.

Vetoryl 10 mg: 10 mg trilostane
Vetoryl 30 mg: 30 mg trilostane
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