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  • Country Butcher® Variety Pack offers dogs a variety of delicious treats
  • Natural USA pork and beef chews
  • Baked with no additives
  • Recommended for small to medium dogs
  • Made in USA
The Country Butcher® Variety Pack gives dogs a variety of naturally delicious chew treats. Each pack contains any combination of small beef tubes, hooves, bully basted strips, pork skin rolls and pig ear snacks. All products are from the USA and prepared by professionally trained butchers. They are expertly baked in smokehouses with no additives. Recommended for small to medium size dogs. Made in USA.
For use with animals only. Not for human consumption.

19 (nineteen) piece assortment of any of the following: Beef Tubes Small (Windees 3"), Hoof, Bully Basted Strips, Pig Ear Snacks, Pork Skin Rolls (K9 4").

Net weight: 12 oz

All raw Country Butcher products are USDA inspected. No formaldehyde or acetone is allowed on premises and all products carry "sell-by" dates.

Made in USA
Directions for Use: Feed as a treat.

Supervision is always recommended when you feed your dog bones, chews, or treats. Choose a suitable bone or treat for your dog that is consistent with the size of the dog and the dog's chewing habits. It is recommended to take any bone away if it becomes small enough to fit inside the dog's mouth and remove any small bone pieces the dog has chewed off.
Beef Tubes Small (Windees 3")
Bully Basted Strips
Pig Ear Snacks
Pork Skin Rolls (K9 4")
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