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  • Pet medication tracker
  • Helps manage pet meds and supplements
  • Use for pet ointments, sprays, creams, liquids, pills, injectables and more
  • Takes the guesswork out of giving your pet medications
  • Easy to apply to any bottle, tube or container
"I can't remember if I gave my dog his medicine!" Stop the second guessing with daily Tooktake® labels. These pet medication trackers make it easy to remember if you gave your pet their daily meds. Simply place the labels on your pet's medication bottle and when the dose is given, easily pull off the perforated tab. Can be used for both once and twice daily doses. Can also be used for dosing pet vitamins, supplements, insulin, flea and tick control and more! Tooktake labels work on liquids, creams, sprays, ointments, capsules, injectables, pills and more. Each 4 pack lasts for 8 weeks if the dose is once daily or 4 weeks if the dose is twice daily.
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals.
Instructions: Beginning at the bottom, gently peel the label from the backing (like a sticker). Place a Tooktake label on the container of your pet medications or supplements. Be sure to keep safety, warnings and instructions visible. When the dose for the day is given, just pull off the perforated tab and you'll know if it's been taken or not.
Can be used with dogs, cats, horses, in fact, it works with all pets!
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