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Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Collar



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  • Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Collar stops dog from barking fast
  • Increases sonic stimulus until dog stops barking
  • No shock to cause pain or discomfort; humane operation
  • Recognizes your dog's bark minimizing false triggering
  • Proven to be 90% effective for nuisance barking in dogs
The High Tech Pet Super Hush Puppy is an advanced dog training collar which automatically increases sonic output until your dog is quiet. No shock stimulus is used. The bark control collar uses a microphone to detect your dog's bark minimizing false triggering. At the first bark an audible tone is sounded for approximately one-half second. If your dog barks again, the tone sounds for approximately one second. After the third bark, the tone is increased to two seconds and is increased again to three seconds after the fourth bark. The tone will continue to sound for three seconds after each bark until the dog ceases barking for thirty seconds or more. The Super Hush Puppy effectively stops barking because it quickly teaches your dog a pattern which is in direct response to the animal's behavior. Clinical tests show the Super Hush Puppy to be effective for over 90% of nuisance barking in dogs. The Super Hush Puppy is water resistant and operates using a 6-Volt battery (not included). The high quality nylon strap adjusts from 5" to 24" and may be used on dogs from 5-200 lb. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
Measures: 2.25"W x 1.5"D x 1.25"H (approximate)
Adjustable nylon strap (adjusts from 5" x 24")
Weight: 2.2 oz.

Operates on 6-Volt battery (not included)

90-day satisfaction guaranteed
One-year warranty
Install 6-Volt battery (not included). Adjust collar around puppy or dogs neck.

Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Collar Manual
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